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Link building started for me when I was working on my own sites, having absolutely no understanding that what I was doing had any real bearing on rankings and search traffic. All I wanted to achieve was editorial reviews (online and off) and gain as many mentions as I could possible get. Looking back at these projects many years later it’s nice to see that I managed to get some amazing links from some very strong sites – all by not being caught up with too many rules and focusing 100% on getting my site and ‘brand’ in-front of as many people as possible.

For this presentation I wanted to explore how starting off looking at the business and forgetting about links might influence what you end up doing when it eventually comes round to producing new content. How should being clued into things such as branding, messaging, style and so on help us attract better links for our sites? I’ve published the slide deck below which includes some of the tools and techniques I’m currently using to help  bring the ‘business’ back into link building. Hope you enjoy!


I’d also like to say a huge thank you to Bernice and everyone at SES for having me. Singapore is truly an amazing city and it was a real pleasure spending a week there at such a great conference making some brilliant new friends. It would be wrong not to pop in a few pictures to show what a cool and exciting place Singapore is. See you soon!

SES Singapore

The coolest bar in the world?


The best overpriced beer of my life…


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  1. Richard Baxter

    Jon – bumping into you at Singapore airport on my way to Sydney was surreal and awesome – especially as the moment we met we had to get the laptops out to do some emergency coding! Brilliant!