Handy How To Video for Our Keyword Tools


Since launch, we’ve had some user feedback requesting better “how to” content and support material for our keyword tools. While we’ve been working on product quality and platform stability, some of the more important elements (user guides, instructional aids) have been put on the back burner.

I hope you like our helpful “how to” video (warning: may contain Jazz music)

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A few charts I made earlier

Just recently I used our tools to throw together some data for an SEO pitch. The data looked at job sectors, such as architecture, interior design by salary research terms. These charts are very easy to make – just follow these instructions.


Here’s another example – which UK towns do we love the most?

which town?

“I love Reading” – ahh, perhaps that’s less about location and more about reading.

Filters highlight massive opportunities

Obviously this tool was built to solve a problem for SEOgadget – speeding up detailed keyword research projects. One of the features available to our users is the filtering capability. Here’s an example:

Keywords that Rank on page 2

Combine this filter with any category, or further filters for traffic and search volumes, and you can quickly pinpoint keywords worth targeting in your SEO campaign:


Uncategorised keywords with the default “low hanging fruit” filter active reveals a tasty ranking for SEOmoz’s “Open Site Explorer”. Perhaps I should be sending that traffic via their affiliate program :-)

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  1. Himanshu

    Your tool looks promising. But I am still not sure about it capabilities yet. Also why i have to submit credit card details to use the demo version.

  2. Jon

    thanks Richard, I have been trying to persuade our management to use your keyword tool, hopefully this video will do the trick! thanks mate!

  3. Ian

    Terrible Jazz music, but AWESOME video! Can I ask a cheeky question…what software did you use to make your video? Fantastic stuff boys and girls!

  4. David

    Richard, you’re big! Jazz music is one of my faves but the article rocks! those charts are really nice. I’ll be back cause you’re an informational treasure. Regards.

  5. Swift Intel

    Humm, the warning about Jazz is very correct but in the nut shell I liked the Video. Great job I must say creative idea for the video.