Richard Baxter

Richard owns and runs - an agency based in London, and San Francisco. We've got a primary focus on audience, traffic and revenue acquisition through technical and content marketing.

Did you ever see that film, War Games? Remember how awesome Matthew Broderick’s computer hacking skills were? Well, Richard doesn’t hack military installations for a living but he does hack a heck of a lot of awesome together, just for the love of SEO.

When he’s not building game changing new SEO tools, and helping search marketers learn new skills, helping them understand the power of data and leading them into battle, he loves driving fast cars (M3′s, to be precise), listening to loud music and jet-setting around the world speaking at the world’s biggest and best digital marketing conferences.

Fortunately for SEOgadget (and unfortunately for SEOgadget’s competition), he teaches his team everything he knows. This makes for a phenomenal creative digital marketing team, a bunch of people who are pretty much the nicest, smartest people in the industry. Like Rand Fishkin said, “don’t pass up an opportunity to work with Richard and his team”.

If you’d like to get some advice or hire Richard and his team, get in touch here. I would!

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