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  • Jeremy_Cabral

    Jeremy Cabral

    Jeremy Cabral, HiveEmpire.com

    You loaded us up – we went from like a 486 DX4 100 to a quad core i7 after your session. We have successfully learned the SEOgadget API and SEOmoz API and are mashing up new things each day. Very helpful!

  • rand-fishkin

    Rand Fishkin

    CEO, SEOmoz Inc.

    Richard has proven himself to be among the most talented and passionate marketers in search. I have worked with him on numerous projects and always been amazed at the value he provides. Do not pass up an opportunity to work with his team.”

What we do

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    Enterprise Search Engine Optimisation

    Increase your traffic from organic search, improve your rankings and technical search engine accessibility.

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  • Link Building

    High Quality Linkbuilding & Outreach

    Gain better rankings through our high quality link building and outreach process. PR agency quality, SEO level targeting.

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  • Content Marketing

    Effective Content Marketing & Strategy

    Reach a wider audience and create revenue from your content strategy. We research, design and create content for you.

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Our Clients, Our Results

  • The Conran Shop approached us with a typically classic online retailer's problem. They're a well known high street brand, and as a result have a great deal of branded organic search traffic online. They had, however, a limited amount of non-branded organic search traffic. Recognizing their potential, their marketing team got in touch with and hired SEOgadget to fix that problem.
    • Search Engine Visibility up 56% in 6 months (organic search)
    • 312% uplift in revenue via non-brand organic traffic (30 day period YOY
    • 54% increase in non-brand organic traffic
  • Vouchercloud, an international mobile discounts startup, approached us in early 2011 to improve their organic traffic from Google in the UK and internationally

    • Organic traffic +290% YOY
    • High rankings for target terms
    • In house training and support has assisted with their internal skills
  • Working with Prezzybox since 2010, we've worked on a series of complex site migrations and even dealt with (and helped them recover from) a "Panda penalty" in mid 2011.

    • Traffic growth up 75%, 35% and 200% in 2010, 2011 and 2012
    • Internal pages developed extensively to create high converting category and product pages
    • SEO "long tail" traffic up 75% through implementing an in-house review system
  • Red Bull approached us to help with a complex Angular.js SEO implementation for their new site, www.redbullsoundselect.com. Heavily JavaScript sites tend to be excellent for user experience, but do tend to struggle when "classic" search engine accessibility issues are considered. Red Bull approached lead consultants, Laura Lippay, Richard Baxter and Pete Wailes to devise a front end solution and an internationalisation strategy for the site platform.
    • 85% improvement in impressions (organic search)
    • All pages indexed (fewer than 10% prior to technical implementation)
    • 1000% increase in non-brand organic traffic
  • Feelunique approached SEOgadget to assist in their site conversion, organic traffic performance and technical SEO accessibility.
    • 3.01% improvement in overall sales in our first a/b split test
    • 40% global uplift in non-brand organic traffic
    • 160% increase in non-brand organic traffic following on-going link building campaign

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