We’re Hiring! Come and Work at SEOgadget


Our growth in the past year has been exponential – 279% (comparing April 2011 to April 2012) to be exact. In fact we’re growing so fast that I’m taking some “push harder” decisions in a few key areas of our business. In the next month, we’re prioritising acquiring people in:

- More resource in frontline SEO staffing (Senior, Middleweight and Junior)
- Sales support (likely a Sales manager / Exec role)
- EA / Office Administration support

Our success has been entirely down to our people delivering great work for our clients, while we get brilliant recommendations via our existing clients, fantastic access to industry conferences, word of mouth referrals and support from great friends in the industry. As a result we’re retaining well while winning bigger and bigger brands and contracts. It’s a super exciting time to become part of our friendly, talented team who are helping to build what will easily be a record year (I *think* we’re going to come in around the £1.1m turnover mark at the end of this year – not bad for our third financial year).

I’d like our company to be filling up this lovely new office within the next 12 months:

On that note:

We’re hiring talented, exceptional people. Hear that? Talented! Exceptional!

You don’t have to have any experience in SEO, or CRO. I’ve learned that smart people learn fast and quickly start delivering incredibly exciting new pieces of work – so talented, exceptional and smart people need only apply. Well, ok if you’re pitching a senior SEO role to me then yeah, you need some experience – but don’t panic if you don’t!

We train the right people in subjects like:

- Analytics (each consultant is GAIQ certified)
- Keyword Research
- Link Building
- Technical SEO (Accessibility / Strategy / Tools)
- Video SEO, Ecommerce and Local
- Viral Content / Infographics
- Excel Mastery
- Conversion Rate Optimisation

Of course if you’re applying for the Executive Assistant role, you’ve got a huge opportunity progress to a more technical or creative role later down the line – I like to be able to promote internally!

Our core competencies cover value creation, people development and business operation.

How will I know If I could fit in?

The dynamic at the GadgetPlex is extremely friendly, supportive and approachable. One of the things I love most about our team is how well everyone works together, to support one another and offer advice and help with anything. There’s always a positive, rosy glow around the office thanks for the most part to the people themselves. SEOgadget is a challenging and rewarding environment if you’re the right person, so be prepared to be happy to share, be forthcoming with ideas and experiments, be focused and clear on delivering your best.

Skills wise, you’d be a most attractive candidate if you have learned a skill recently that you now use really well. I’m more interested in people who can tell me that they got so interested in something, they went off, learned a lot of new skills and now, they can do something great. That could be anything, not just technical – writing, creative, design, development, computing, sport! Be prepared for the question: “what have you learned recently, and what have you done with your new knowledge?”.

A Vibrant and Fun Social Culture

The photo on the top left was sent to me as I had to miss a Beer O’ Clock (thanks guys), and just this Saturday I was mostly nursing a hangover because Hannah bought in a load of slippery nipples on the company tab on an impromptu celebration on Friday night. Ouch!

Our team doing cool stuff!

In the past 6 months we’ve been karting, been on comedy club nights out and eaten our own bodyweight in Nandos. You get your birthday off work, but if you happen to be in on your birthday, usually a massive cake seems to appear.

What do I have to do to apply?

Fill out this form as best you can, and we’ll be in touch with you. It might help to learn more about us first (if you’re a new comer to our site!) so why not take a look at:

SEOgadget on Twitter and Google+, check out some recent presentations and conference session write ups, some of our clients and what we do. Reading some of the more popular posts on our blog would really give you a great feel for the level of working processes you’d be developing.

 Image source: Kaptain Kobold