15 Sites That Help You Use Your Twitter Profile for Link Building


I know the minute some people read the title of this post, they will think that this is a far-fetched idea. But bear with me for the duration of this post. I will show you fifteen sites (all the way up to a Google PageRank of 7 and Domain Authority of 94) that will either automatically link back to you using information in your Twitter profile or will allow you to sign in with Twitter and add links because of it.

Is Your Twitter Profile Optimized to Build Links?

Before we look at those awesome sites that will link back to you based on your Twitter information, let’s start by making sure your Twitter profile is ready to help build links. It’s really simple. You just need to have a link in both the Web and Bio fields for your Twitter profile.

This will result in your Twitter profile looking like this.

It can be the same link in both if you are only working with one website, or two different ones if you prefer. The added benefits of having two links in your Twitter profile (aside from the websites that pull this information) is that visitors to your profile will get a chance to click on two of your links (if they are different). Plus, in areas of Twitter where it only shows your Bio without your website link, people will still get the chance to click on your website.

Examples of such areas include when you are in a Twitter list…

Or when you are mentioned in a tweet.

Account Security

Before we begin, I do want to add the disclaimer that some of the profiles listed below will ask you to sign in with your Twitter to add more information to them. At the time of writing this post, none of them posted to my Twitter account without asking first. Granted, some had a crafty little checkbox that you have to uncheck in order to not tweet about them, but none just tweeted without warning.

As things with websites change rapidly, I would suggest checking your Twitter stream after signing in to any Twitter related application or service to make sure there is nothing tweeted for you. Also, you can revoke access to applications connected to your Twitter account any time by going to your Settings > Applications and clicking the Revoke Access button.

15 Websites That Will Link to Websites in Your Twitter Profile

Without further ado, here are the fifteen websites that you can acquire a link from (automatically or by signing in with Twitter) based on the information in your Twitter profile in order of domain authority and/or popularity. Anywhere you see username in a link, just replace it with your Twitter handle! And anywhere you see Bio and Web link refers to your Twitter profile Bio and Web information.


  • Google PageRank: 7
  • SEOmoz Domain Authority: 86
  • Total Links: 42,788
  • Compete Traffic: 368,121 Unique Monthly Visitors (US)
  • Link: Dofollow, Cached

Whether you love or hate your score doesn’t matter. You can get a backlink from Klout. Most people will have a profile regardless of whether they have signed into Klout before at http://klout.com/username. Klout pulls the information in your Bio field, so if you have a link within your Twitter bio, you are all set!

If you do choose to sign in with Twitter or connect with Facebook, you can add links to your other social networks to your Klout profile. Klout will then include your activity on those networks as a part of your score. You can even create a custom blurb to replace your Twitter bio if you so choose in your settings.

Twitter Grader

  • Google PageRank: 6
  • SEOmoz Domain Authority: 78
  • Total Links: 611,948
  • Compete Traffic: 16,390 Unique Monthly Visitors (US)
  • Link: Nofollow, Cached

Twitter Grader is a tool by HubSpot that scores your account based on various data from your Twitter activity. You will need to enter your Twitter account in the search box to begin scoring, but once your page has been created, you can access it by going to http://tweet.grader.com/username.

If you get an error, just use the main page to grade your account again to make it work as their tool has been having some issues lately. Also, be sure to check out the Twitter Elite list to find other top Twitter users. I find the top Twitter cities most useful!


  • Google PageRank: 6
  • SEOmoz Domain Authority: 78
  • Total Links: 26,553
  • Compete Traffic: 33,607 Unique Monthly Visitors (US)
  • Link: Nofollow & Dofollow, Cached

Twellow is one of the largest Twitter directories. It uses your Bio and Web link, but only hyperlinks the Web link initially.

While some people may find their Twitter handle has already been included in the directory by going to http://www.twellow.com/username, others may have to join Twellow by connecting with Facebook or filling out the registration form. Once you have joined Twellow, you can edit your Twellow profile for the Twitter account you authorize. Be sure to change your Twellow bio in your settings and insert an anchor text based link – this one will be the dofollow one!

You can also add more of your social links to your Twellow profile as well as categories where people can find you.


  • Google PageRank: 6
  • SEOmoz Domain Authority: 88
  • Total Links: 50,384
  • Compete Traffic: 480,396 Unique Monthly Visitors (US)
  • Link: Nofollow, Not Cached

TwitterCounter allows Twitter users to see the number of people they are following, are following them, and their tweets over an hours, weekly, monthly, three month, or six month view. TwitterCounter uses only your Bio information initially. Most people will find they have a profile if they go to http://twittercounter.com/username, but if not, you can sign in with Twitter to update it.

Signing in to TwitterCounter via Twitter will update your page with the Web link in your Twitter profile. It will also allow you to see the three to six month view of your stats as well as follow other Twitter users listed on TwitterCounter.


  • Google PageRank: 6
  • SEOmoz Domain Authority: 74
  • Total Links: 18,968
  • Compete Traffic: 27,276 Unique Monthly Visitors (US)
  • Link: Nofollow, Cached

Twitaholic is a system that keeps up to date with users stats and rankings based on number of followers and updates. Twitaholic uses your Bio and Web link, but only hyperlinks your Web link. The Bio information is also much older than the rest of the stats, and there isn’t a way to login to change it from what I could tell.

If you don’t find your profile by going to http://twitaholic.com/username, then use the search box at the top right to create a profile listing. The most interesting piece of information I find on the site is the ranking you have in your region if you have listed a location on your Twitter profile.


  • Google PageRank: 6
  • SEOmoz Domain Authority: 65
  • Total Links: 17,344
  • Compete Traffic: 13,831 Unique Monthly Visitors (US)
  • Link: Dofollow, Cached

Listorious is a site that allows you to search for Twitter users and lists. Listorious uses your Bio and Web link, but only hyperlinks the Web link.

If you haven’t used the site before, you will need to add yourself by authorizing their site with your Twitter account. After you have authorized it, you can add six tags about yourself that other people can use to search for you.


  • Google PageRank: 5
  • SEOmoz Domain Authority: 85
  • Total Links: 3,815
  • Compete Traffic: 4,388 Unique Monthly Visitors (US)
  • Link: Dofollow, Not Cached

TweetLevel is another social measurement tool that scores Twitter users based on overall influence, popularity, engagement, and trust. TweetLevel uses your Bio and Web link, but only hyperlinks the Web link. Most people will have a profile automatically generated for them by going to http://tweetlevel.edelman.com/User/username.

While I had never heard of this site before working on this post (hat tip to Travis Balinas for recommending it), they do offer a very detailed definition of their algorithm and tips to gaining influence on Twitter.


  • Google PageRank: 5
  • SEOmoz Domain Authority: 65
  • Total Links: 358,052
  • Compete Traffic: 53,923 Unique Monthly Visitors (US)
  • Link: Dofollow, Cached

Favstar gives you stats about your most popular tweets based on the number of times they have been retweeted or favorited. Favstar uses your Bio, but does not hyperlink any links within it. Most Twitter users will find they have a profile by going to http://favstar.fm/users/username.

To get your dofollow links, you will need to sign in via Twitter. Then click on the settings link in the top menu. Here, you can add two URLs that will be hyperlinked using the site’s favicon.


  • Google PageRank: 5
  • SEOmoz Domain Authority: 47
  • Total Links: 58,247
  • Compete Traffic: 610 Unique Monthly Visitors (US)
  • Link: Dofollow, Cached

twtBizCard allows Twitter users to create an online business card. twtBizCard uses your Bio and Web link, hyperlinking the URLs in both. Most users will find a profile for themselves at http://twtbizcard.com/username.

When you sign in via Twitter (not working at the time of posting), you will get the option to edit your profile and add more links to your other social networks.


  • Google PageRank: 4
  • SEOmoz Domain Authority: 29
  • Total Links: 1,566
  • Compete Traffic: No Data Available
  • Link: Dofollow, Cached

Favorious is a site that keeps track of your Twitter favorites. It uses your Twitter Bio and Web link, hyperlinking URLs in both fields. Most people will find a profile for themselves at http://favorious.com/people/username.

If you choose to sign in with Twitter, it will refresh your bio information. You can then tag your favorite tweets for easier reference later on. Since I favorite tweets as potential testimonials and also favorite tweets with links I’d rather not forget, the tagging should come in handy.

Retweet Rank

  • Google PageRank: 4
  • SEOmoz Domain Authority: 54
  • Total Links: 5,329
  • Compete Traffic: 4,295 Unique Monthly Visitors (US)
  • Link: Nofollow, Cached

Retweet Rank scores you on their ranking system by the number of retweets you receive. It uses your Bio and Web link, but only your Web link is hyperlinked. Most people will find a profile for themselves by going to http://www.retweetrank.com/username.

When you sign in to Twitter to claim your profile, you will get access to a dashboard that tells you information about your latest 100 retweets. They also offer premium accounts to find out more information including top tweets, influential tweets, best timing for tweets and more for $9USD per month.


  • Google PageRank: 3
  • SEOmoz Domain Authority: 31
  • Total Links: 57,525
  • Compete Traffic: 407 Unique Monthly Visitors (US)
  • Link: Dofollow, Not Cached

TagWalk offers Twitter users an overview of their Twitter stats including number of tweets, retweets, tweets with links, tweets with hashtags, interests based on hashtag usage, most shared websites, and more. TagWalk uses your Bio and Web link, but only hyperlinks the Web link. Most users will find a profile for themselves by going to http://tagwalk.com/user/username.

The site doesn’t seem to be too active. Although it gives you the option to load your stats, it doesn’t seem to have updated anything but your follower / following count in months. So if you have recently changed your profile / link, you may not see the update for a while.


  • Google PageRank: 3
  • SEOmoz Domain Authority: 36
  • Total Links: 67,150
  • Compete Traffic: 28,522 Unique Monthly Visitors (US)
  • Link: Dofollow, Cached

Crowdreel is an interesting site that pulls photos from your Twitter feed and (once your signed in) from people you follow as well. Crowdreel uses your Bio and Web link, but only the Web link is hyperlinked.

Some people will find their profile by going to http://www.crowdreel.com/username, but if you don’t, just sign in with Twitter. If you do have a profile already and sign in with Twitter, it will update your profile information (may take a day or two) and show you photos from people you follow. It’s like the photostream view of Twitter.


  • Google PageRank: 1
  • SEOmoz Domain Authority: 21
  • Total Links: 11,161
  • Compete Traffic: 4,060 Unique Monthly Visitors (US)
  • Link: Dofollow, Cached

SNpros shows you the estimated value of your Twitter account if it were to be sold on the retail market based on following, number of times listed, age, and number of tweets. SNpros pulls your Bio and Web link, but only the Web link is hyperlinked. Most people will find an account for themselves by going to http://snpros.com/twitter/kikolani.

There doesn’t seem to be an account login section, so if your profile is out of date, you’ll just have to wait for an update to run through their system.


  • Google PageRank: 0
  • SEOmoz Domain Authority: 10
  • Total Links: 8
  • Compete Traffic: No Data Available
  • Link: Dofollow, Cached

Twitperts is another up and coming Twitter directory similar to Wefollow that organizes Twitter users by tags or categories. When you visit individual user pages, you will see latest Twitpic photos and basic Twitter statistics. Twitperts uses your Bio and Web link and hyperlinks URLs in both.

Some people will find their profile by going to http://www.twitperts.com/username. Otherwise, you can sign in with Twitter to add yourself. If you have a profile already, you will still want to sign in so you can additional links to your other social networks.

There are many more networks out there that pull in your Twitter information. Some I left out either because they didn’t link back, they looked a little too shady, or they were difficult to use. Just in case I missed a good one, please mention it in the comments!

Image credit: Rubybgold.
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  1. John Lessnau

    Nice, list. It should be noted them some of the link backs are no follows. Twitter Business card seems pretty cool but I get a PHP error and submit at this time.

  2. Michael Rurup Andersen

    Hi Kristi,

    Another good thing – in link building aspects – is that some of these 15 ressource (besides the TLD link) allow links to social profiles aswel – such as twitter, foursquare, facebook, linkedin etc. Which help these profil to gain higher value, hence giving more link value to the link on those profil – see where I’m getting at? :)

    Seems to be broken for me. I’m able to make an account and getting the first link, but not utilizing the full spectra of options, which is a bit odd (no matter what browser I use).

    Twitter Grader
    Be mindful of Twitter Grader is no-good for Link building, doesn’t create a unique url. Hence search engines won’t be able to find the link as it ‘disappears’ when the browser window closes.

    And I’m not able to create an account keeps giving me a 404, which is odd. (Guess it’s just one of those days) but with an account one would be able to get a somewhat sustainable link?

    Good source, just remember to allow search engines to discover profile to enhance link opportunity. You’ll have to go to settings, use the ‘General’ tab and the check the box ‘Allow my profile to be discovered by search engines (e.g. Google, Bing)’ – hit ‘save settings’ and viola! you got the link :)

    The thing about TwitterCounter is that it generates an unique url, but there are no ‘live’ link on it (the url) (checkout http://twittercounter.com/rurupandersen)

    Therefore a live link option might be when creating a pro account?

    The link is only ‘live’ when one is signed in – which thosen’t help when link building to search engines.


    Again this is a great article, well written and I got a lot of new links to my website, which I am grateful for! Thank you, Kristin – And I wish you a merry Christmas.

    best regards

  3. Kristi Post author

    Hi John! I did note that right under each networks’ stats. :) Yeah, a few of the networks I ended up leaving off because of some trouble with the site – hopefully they’ll get it resolved soon!

  4. Kristi Post author

    Hi Keenan. 5 of the 15 are nofollow, but I think most of them are on pretty high traffic sites. So say someone was looking you up on TwitterCounter. At least they would be able to go straight to your website from there. I always look at links for either SEO or traffic value. :)

  5. Richard Baxter

    Hey kristi – great post. I love this type of post. it reminds me of the importance of a willingness to research, experiment with and develop new sources for links. Curiousity is an important trait of a successful SEO :-)

  6. Rich Girl

    Thank you for such valuable list of sites. Some of them I didn’t even know before. I had an error with Twitter Business card and with retweetrank though, but I will come back another day and try again. Thank you!

  7. Kristi Post author

    Kind of stumbled upon all of these while just searching what profiles I had out there. It’s amazing how many sites are pulling Twitter data and using it in so many ways.

  8. Kristi Post author

    I took a look at Peerindex, but they don’t link back to your web links. They do some interesting stats, but I wanted to focus this post just on sites that pull your Twitter profile information and give you some extra backlinks.

    Google+ profiles – definitely a hotbed of good backlinking there as it is all currently dofollow and lets you put up as many links as you want!

  9. Pedro Cardoso

    I’ve been reading this blog a lot since yesterday, and I should say… you guys are awesome! You’ve got a serious SEO Captain Planet going, each with his own speciality.

    And what you’re discussing here about using twitter for link building… this is the good stuff! Someone get me a fish bowl, my mind is seriously blowing from all the information I’m picking up at SEOgadget.co.uk

    Impossible to overstate my satisfaction, here. Keep up the good work!

  10. Jon Cooper

    Hey Kristi, I’m a little late to the comment section, but as I said on twitter, I gotta give you massive props here :). It’s nice to know not every SEO is a link hoarder by not sharing specific websites like these to get some solid links. I myself hadn’t discovered these link goodies yet :). Great, actionable stuff here!

  11. Mike Wilton

    Great list Kristi! I would say you could probably take this a step further and bookmark all your profiles to drive some potential link value to each of these pages if you use something like delicious. I usually keep tabs on all of my profiles around the net that way.

  12. Michael Kovis

    Link with the “nofollow” rel attribute shouldn’t be considered “no good” or “not worth it.” They are just as important as any other link. The only difference is that they do NOT pass pagerank.

    Having a diverse link profile full of “nofollow” and “follow” links with different anchor text distributed among your keywords, brand and URL is very key for search engines to rank your site higher than the competition. I have gotten sites to begin ranking for highly competitive keywords and phrases just by using “nofollow” links.

  13. Kristi Hines

    There are definitely a ton of ways to really boost your links out there Mike. Delicious is a great way to simply organize your profiles in one place, unless your a spreadsheet junkie like me. :)

  14. Matthew Curran

    Forgive a possibly stupid question, but I just want to get the point of all this correctly. The purpose is to get links to your website (not twitter page) from as many high ranking sites as possible so as to have it rank higher in relevant search results. Correct? It’s about building traffic to your site?

    And this bit was a little confusing.
    “…you can acquire a link from (automatically or by signing in with Twitter) based on the information in your Twitter profile in order of domain authority and/or popularity. Anywhere you see username in a link, just replace it with your Twitter handle! And anywhere you see Bio and Web link refers to your Twitter profile Bio and Web information.”
    In order of domain authority? What order? You get a link from whatever site in order of domain authority? Huh?
    “…See username in a link?” You mean when you set your username in signing into one of those sites, put @matthewcurran instead of mcurran or whatever one might normally use?

  15. Kristi Hines

    Hi Matthew. I always say there are no stupid questions! I just didn’t word it properly – I meant that I listed these sites in order of their domain authority or popularity, so the most popular sites are up top and the least / newer sites are at the bottom of the list.

    As far as seeing the username in the URL, if the URL is listed as http://klout.com/username, then you just replace the username with your Twitter handle, so yours would be http://klout.com/matthewcurran if that’s your Twitter. If it doesn’t come up under that, then you have to use the site’s Sign in with Twitter button to create your profile on their site.

  16. Kristi Hines

    The links I’m talking about building will go to either the web link in your Twitter profile or the link you include in your bio. So you’ll be getting a link to one of those and your Twitter URL in most cases.

  17. Kristi Hines

    Hi Kane! Does your TwitterCounter profile show your link in the cached page? I checked that setting on mine, and my profile was set to be indexed by search engines, but when I look at the cached page it still doesn’t include my link.

  18. Alan Fuller

    Great list, very useful. Worked my way through half of them so far.

    Can confirm twtBizCard is broken, a permissions or url re-write rule issue. I have e-mailed them. Its a good idea, hope they fix it soon.

  19. Kristi Hines

    Hi Michael,

    I definitely encourage everyone to take advantage of the extra links to social profiles where they can get them. :)

    Twellow has its on and off days – I was able to edit everything in my profile when doing this post, but I have been there at other times and not been able to even sign in.

    Twitter Grader is another on and off site, but my profile on it (tweet.grader.com/kikolani) is cached and indexed – it comes up if you search tweet grader kikolani. So it may depend on how long after you initially run your stats before it gets its own page.

    The live link option may be a pro thing. The featured users definitely have a URL in their profile that is shown when logged out and cached. Of course, that may not be worth it for $15 – $150 a month.

    I hope you have a Merry Christmas too! :)

  20. JennaG

    Thanks- this is a great list. I have a question- I updated my description in twitter to include my url like you have, but then when I signed up for klout, it still has the old one! Does it take some time for the updated profile in Twitter to regsiter? I can’t figure out why it has the old one still. When I look at Twitter it has the new one with url. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  21. Kristi Hines

    It takes a bit to populate the new profile information – I think mine was a few days. It should get in there though! Or you can check your settings and add a custom profile definition. :)

  22. Jim Spencer


    Great work. I noticed that on http://www.twitperts.com/fairminder/ they do not provide a complete URL for LinkedIn.

    You have to add in/your-name. If you just add your user/profile name the URL will be incomplete and the link consequently broken.

    This might be a useful note to add for your thousands of readers. :-)

    Thanks for the tour around Twitter related link building accounts today. It was fun.

  23. Kath Dawson

    Thanks for the GREAT blog post Kristi, I just worked through the list and with your summaries, instructions and screenshots it was super easy. I learned more about my twitter account too and how I could be using it more effectively.

    Is there somewhere you can go to learn how to talk in witty sound bites? I do tend just to read twitter and use it to retweet stuff that I really like or find useful but I find the initial interaction with strangers harder to get moving. All these sites that bind together the impact of your twitter account really highlight the opportunities out there.

    Right, I’m off to interact rather than observe! if anyone fancies a chat I’m here @kathdawson I’ll bet no one does though.

    Thanks again Kirsti.

  24. Kristi Hines

    Hi Kath. Not sure where you can learn it, but I tend to follow some of the bigwigs on Twitter in my industry to see how they respond to others. If someone’s got tons of followers, you have to assume they are doing something right. :)

  25. Nancy

    Great learning tool for a Twitter newbie to work through. All easy and worked as demonstrated except Retweet Rank and Twitaholic, but that is probably because I have only been tweeting for a short time.

  26. Ralf

    Hey Kristi.

    Thanks a lot for this, worked a few hours on all these plattforms now. The links are lot are nice, what I learned very quick was nicer! Thank you for this and regards from munich! Ralf

  27. Rosendo Cuyasen

    This is cool thing to know about tweaking your twitter profile. I’ve made some article “why twitter user increases in 2012″ and have realized that optimising your twitter account can help users to follow you.

    Thanks for this info..

  28. Justin

    Came here via PointBlankSEO.com and just finished going through your list and building links – thanks!

    I’m wondering – for some of the site you mentioned where I already had a page for my twitter account (for example http://twtbizcard.com/username) it doesn’t look like there’s any sitemap or any other web page anywhere that links to that page. Does that mean that Google has no way to crawl to that page, and therefore won’t know that it exists… and won’t be able to give me credit for the backlink to my site?

  29. Frank S.

    Awesome! I love learning new ways that Social Media is being used for SEO. Thanks for the great list Kristi. I will probably be referencing and passing it around the office. 8-)

  30. Valerie

    Thanks for an amazing list and all the details on what to do at each site. Extremely helpful. FYI, as of today the last site Twitperts is not active, there is a notice that it will “be back soon.”

  31. Stephanie

    Thank you Kristi! I found this article excellent to help us build some Twitter-based backlinks to our website. And agreeing with Valerie (comment above) looks like Twitperts is still not active. I’ve bookmarked to try again later. Thanks again!

  32. fpl

    Hey Kristi,
    Really impressed by your post. I wasn’t aware that twitter can be used to drive massive amount of traffic, if customized properly. I really appreciate your effort in bringing up this informative post for us. I am going to use these website asap. Hope to see positive results soon.

  33. Jobplotter

    Great list! Would love to see an update post in the future if you find any more good resources. I’ll be sure to check out your other posts!

    Thanks Kristi!

  34. Mike Bordon

    I was aware of about two of such sites. Kristi its so nice of you to list all the 15 sites for us. I see that most of these sites have good PR and can be an excellent source for some quality backlinks and traffic.

  35. Steve

    Cheers for this, Kristi. I just used it on my parents’ business’ Twitter.

    Note: Be care of Crowdreel. When I used it, something VERY NSFW appeared on the screen…!!!

  36. Sam

    One site which you forgot to add is http://tweetsby.com/ , they log all your favorites celebrity tweets daily, so that you can read any time later….
    Its great to check tweets by celebrities around the world.

  37. Gichuki

    Hi Kristi Hines,
    I like the way you take your time to research for anything that you post in your online blog. You have engaged me for more than two hours because there are some sites I did not know about and there are others that I dd not consider to have any value at all. I am grateful of the information and will let others know about it. I will recommend my followers to follow your blog.

  38. teretana

    How long tok google and seomoz to detect links generated this way?

    Many thanks for the post, i spent about 3 hours adding my several twitter accounts, hope it’s worth it :)
    btw. in Twitperts and http://www.crowdreel.com i can’t add my accounts.

    all best!

  39. Michelle

    Thank you for the extensive list, I had no idea this could be done. The effort in the steps your provided will be well worth the time.

  40. Gices Abraham

    That is a really good list to increase the popularity of your Twitter profile and getting links to your website. Like you said, most sites requite you to sign in using your Twitter account and this then gives them the ability to tweet on your behalf which is kind of annoying.

  41. Gerjan

    Helpful post indeed. Crowdreel did not work for me either. Maybe it have something to do with how recently you have posted a picture on Twitter? Anyone an idea?

  42. Escape

    This is a great list, I went through every single one. Really impressed and a useful post, although no good with crowdreel or Twitperts.

  43. Mark Hoult

    Been through the whole lot. Took a while, but thanks a lot Kristi.

    Now going to sit back and wait for an avalanche of Twitter driven traffic…….

    ….that’s how it works…isn’t it?

  44. Tom

    Half of these do not actually give you a link, no link from Twitter Counter (it only shows when you are logged in) and no link from Klout.

  45. recreation

    Hi, Neat post. There’s an issue along with your web site in internet explorer, may test this? IE nonetheless is the marketplace leader and a huge component to folks will omit your excellent writing because of this problem.

  46. Martin Schweitzer

    Thank you for this unique idea. I never thought about it before. I will give it a Try. Since you wrote this post a year is gone by. Does it still work like you described it?

  47. Luke Kirk

    @Kennan Daniels – “I was looking at your list but in checking these things out it seems most provide no-follow links. What good is that?”

    It is extremely ironic that you don’t see the point in nofollow links or link diversity, yet used your URL in your comment!

  48. Joshua S

    First, thanks for the amazing list. Its good to find the resources at one place. The following 2 sites didnt seem to work, they shut down probably- Twitpers and crowdreel.

  49. Sivagopi

    Thanks for the amazing list Kristi. I have just used and actually I have just heard about hardly 3 tools in your list.

  50. Tim Mith

    Hi Kristi,

    Just finished to build backlink with your mentioned tweet sites. But i am having problem with crowdreel & twitperts. Anyway, BIG thanks to you for this awesome list!

  51. MikiMo

    I was using 2-3 of those till now. Thank you for the great resource! Will subscribe to the remaining 12 websites today.

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    Thanks a lot for the post I think it is important to tap into these easy wins as you say when building any website or brand :)