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On Tuesday I presented at the A4U conference in London on ‘Turbo-Charging Your SEO and Link Building Strategy’ alongside the brilliant Patrick Altoft. Trying to squeeze technical SEO,  link analysis and link building into a 20 minute presentation was definitely a fun challenge! As such I decided to focus on the points that I most commonly see having a negative impact on websites traffic from Organic Search and explain how a site owner could go about identifying and fixing these problems.

The presentation was based on www.tripomatic.com (a site submitted by a very kind delegate) and ran through some of the methods I use when performing a site audit. One of the main points I wanted to get across was that simply diagnosing problems is not enough. A good SEO audit needs to identify technical problems, explain the cause, and clearly suggest the appropriate ways to resolve them. In short, a document like this has to provide a road map for a website owner or marketing team to generate more traffic from organic search.

The main points covered were:

  • How to gain a good ‘health’ overview
  • How to make meta recommendations actionable
  • How to quickly identify technical problems (and how to fix them!)
  • How to find bad links
  • How to build stronger links moving forwards

Thanks again to everyone who was there – hope you enjoy the slides!


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  1. Petra

    Thanks again for your perfect presentation at the A4U conference and sharing your tips with us. It will be extremely useful for us :)