SEOgadget for Excel

SEOgadget for Excel

Unlock the incredible capabilities of tool provider data from Majestic SEO, aHrefs, Mozscape, SEMrush and Grepwords directly within Excel using the SEOgadget for Excel.

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Fetch valuable link and keyword search volume data from 5 of our industry’s most powerful API services. Prototype apps, speed up your analysis time and gain powerful new insight into your SEO strategy, fast.

- Extract large volumes of link data from SEO Tools providers: Majestic API, aHrefs and Moz
- Easily fetch keyword search volumes using the Grepwords API and SEMrush

  • This is some really awesome stuff from +Richard Baxter. It actually kind of pisses me off because I'm going to be forced to play with it and I don't have a ton of extra time these days. - AJ Kohn: @ajkohn

  • Here it is, finally. Change the way you consume the SEOmoz API via Excel, from now. - Rand Fishkin: @randfish

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A quick instructional video to help you get started in installing SEOgadget for Excel.

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