Content Strategy Generator

Content Strategy Generator

Running out of steam for new content ideas?

Whether you need to freshen up your own blog or looking to write for someone else, this SEOgadget tool will help inspire a host of new ideas based on topics that are hot right now and connect you with passionate bloggers/editors ready to share your story.

Propel your content marketing campaign with the type of single word or phrase!

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  • The holy grail of content marketing

  • The must-have blog post topic generation tool

  • It just makes your brain flood with ideas for content, link bait, viral campaigns etc. Great work, SEOgadget!

Getting Started

  1. Access the tool here
  2. Log in to your Google account
  3. File > Make a Copy
  4. Enter a single word or phrase into cell ‘B3′ and hit return (for multiple keywords please use the ‘+’ operator e.g. london+hotels)

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