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Link Categorisation Tool for Excel


Investigate your site’s link profile with the SEOgadget link categorisation tool for Excel. Understanding where your links are coming from is key to maintaining a diverse and natural link profile.

  • Categorise inbound links by C block IP’s
  • Apply page level metrics to assess link quality
  • Segment by link type including directories, forums, article directories etc.

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Infographic Embed Code Generator


Generate infographic embed codes quickly and easily with this free tool.

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Content Strategy Generator


Avoid writers block with the SEOgadget content strategy generator tools. Are you ready to be inspired?!

  • Fetch the hottest and most recent stories across a huge range of sources
  • Connect with passionate topic related bloggers/editors
  • Minimize time, maximise return on your content marketing campaign

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SEOgadget for Excel


Fetch large volumes of link data directly within Excel utilising 5 powerful API services – introducing SEOgadget for Excel

  • Extract large volumes of link data from Majestic API, aHrefs and Mozscape
  • Identify top pages and capture full URL metrics for your link building projects
  • Easily fetch keyword search volumes using the Grepwords API
  • Use SEMrush’s powerful API to fetch search volumes, organic ranking positions by keyword and suggested terms

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Anchor Text Tool


So how do other people see your site on the web? Find out using the SEOgadget Anchor Text Tool.

  • See the top 10 anchors to any URL
  • Data separated by internal and external links, from root domains and sub domains
  • Export data to CSV for further manipulation

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