ThenSome: The Future of SEO

ThenSome at Airbnb

What happens when you take 100 marketing nerds and mix them with a considerable amount of wine, lots of tasty grub and sit ‘em down infront of a top-notch speaker to soak up some industry insights? ThenSome happens.

And it was awesome.

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We gathered at Airbnb HQ to hear their own Dennis Goedegebuure, head of Global SEO, talk about the future of search. What are the game changers?  Why do they matter? How can you use them to your advantage? Dennis delivered relevant and astute advice. It’s worth a watch.

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See? Awesome.

Dennis has also kindly shared his presentation and recap with us — and you. He’s a good egg, that Dennis.

We planned this event because it was one we’d want to go to. There weren’t enough quality SEO events in our technology soaked city. It seemed SF SEOs would benefit from a little community building. That’s what we set out to do. That’s what we did.

#ThenSome Community Building

And that’s exactly what we’ll keep doing. The next ThenSome event is in the works and we promise it’ll be as insightful, fun and community-building as the last.

Here are some hints about what’s up our sleeve:

  • Ken Jennings would approve.
  • Edgar Allen Poe inspired the location.
  • Food will surely include this substance made from milk and enzymes, whose origins date back to back to 5,500 BCE in Kujawy, Poland.

Make your guesses in comments and sign up to be notified when details are hammered down enough to share right here.

Many thanks to SEOmoz, Airbnb and Dennis for their ThenSome support. We love you guys.


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  1. Richard Baxter

    Thank you so much to Dennis, AirBNB, Laura, Heather, Michelle and everyone who came to make what was *such* an awesome night. I cannot wait for the next one, which is in March, right @LauraLippay? :D


  2. Laura Lippay

    Indeed! The next #ThenSome, with a different twist (it’s gonna be fun, maybe even a bit rowdy if I know my SF SEOs), is around the time Rand visits us next in mid-late March. :D

    Details underway and to be announced soon!

  3. Louis Rix

    Great video guys. Especially loved the idea in and around the community of photographers. That’s given me a great idea for engaging content for our site. Rich – will speak to you about getting rel=author into our site. Glad to see things prospering for you globetrotters :-)

  4. Henry Smith

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