Theatre & Movie Listings in Google Search Results

Cinema SERPs

Google have been playing around with movie listings in SERPs for a while– displaying snippets that include ratings information, links through to trailers and reviews too. However, today we caught these results for “cinema” and “theatre” in the UK results.

Individual film pages are formed from comprehensive aggregated data – being pulled through from authoritative sources and those utilizing reviews/microformat:

Film Page

Interestingly this is also occurring in regards to searches for ‘theatre’[?]

Theatre in SERPs

Location specific “theatre” searches:

location-specific theatre in SERPs

Location specific searches yield aggregated local-search data – with cinema specific address and show time listings:

Local cinema listing pages

And here’s what Google is rolling out if you’re unable to see the above:

theatre in regular SERPs



  1. Steven Lee

    This is cool. I saw some of your other posts addressing something similar in the ‘flights’ results. I wonder how hard this will hit comparison websites when they roll it out. Although I still think they have a long way to come visually this is a step forward.

  2. Koozai Mike

    Nice. This is a rare example of Google scraping content for non-evil purposes (Unlike Google news and reviews from other sites). More of this please Google.

  3. Russell Horn


    Does anyone know how you edit these feeds or in fact where Google gets the data from?

    Im building a cinema website and we have a similar name to another cinema nearby by and its appearing over our own. Ideally we need to get the name the is displaying on Google altered. But I’m not sure where they don’t the name or feed in the first place.

    Any help would be great

    Google search “hebden bridge picture house”