Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

How well is your site optimised for search engine accessibility? SEOgadget's team of SEO Consultants are amongst the most experienced in the world, led by Richard Baxter (UK) and Laura Lippay (US), you can guarantee the most cutting edge leadership in SEO.

An example of our work

We were hired by Shop Direct to carry out a full technical audit of (at the time, a 90million indexed page site with significant barriers to good search engine accessibility. We carried out a large scale log file analysis to understand how crawlers (like GoogleBot) were accessing the site, and where the really deep technical problems were. After presenting a prioritised, 90 page deep dive into all of the technical changes required, we helped plan and evangelize the work to make sure it was accepted across the organisation. Shop Direct remain a client of SEOgadget's and we're working on almost all of their retail brands.

400% Increase in organic traffic

The results speak for themselves, Very (and all of the sites we've worked on) are showing plenty of positive growth on their organic channels.

An audit by SEOgadget is entirely bespoke and incredibly detailed. Because of our approach (log file analysis, analytics, deep site crawl) we don't leave any issues undiscovered. That's why our industry considers us the best at what we do

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Our clients do the talking for us, in fact, most of our business comes from recommendations from our existing clients and the conferences we speak at. Our SEO projects are effective, actionable and tailored for your business. We don't do "cookie cutter" SEO audits, and as a result we're working behind the scenes of some of the biggest brands in the UK and the US.

Search Engine Optimisation

We love to share our knowledge

SEOgadget is an ROI driven internet marketing agency based in the UK. Our unique combination of dedicated conversion rate optimisation analysts and search marketing (SEO) consultants make sure that our SEO campaigns drive instant & measurable return on investment.

At the beginning of our 3rd year we’ve grown to challenge some of the UK’s top agencies with a superior offering based on dedicated customer service, top ranking results and a focus on delivering what we said we’d do.

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  • Integrate Intelligence with Keyword Opportunity Analysis

    Why does one site outrank another? What's the winning strategy and what can you learn from it? How can we discover how people search for teh products and services on your website and catch all of that traffic? How can you leverage Social Media, combine it with first class Search Engine Optimisation data and auditing to derive a strategy that wins? Data is at the very core of how we work, allowing us to help you make the right decisions for your business.

  • Best In Class Technical Search Engine Optimisation

    SEOgadget are best known for their first class technical Search Engine Optimisation on large scale, dynamic websites - drive more traffic from more people via more keywords - building your business on a higher revenue generating platform. In our audits, we'll include full log file analysis, optimised site architecture recommendations, wireframes for complex changes and a full technical guidance document for your development team to understand and implement.

  • Content Development & Strategy

    Understanding what your audience wish to consume is at the heart of a solid content marketing strategy. We'll devise a plan to develop your onsite content, growing your audience and extending your brand's reach. Optimising for channels beyond SEO including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

  • Building Great Links with Outreach

    Where are your target market? What are they sharing? How can we get you in front on them? At SEOgadget we build lasting, powerful links by getting coverage and mentions for your business at the very heart of your target audience's favourite places. Powerful, branded links on high quality websites make the long term difference to your search engine visibility.

  • james-osborne

    James Osborne

    SEO & Content Executive at Holiday Extras

    Working with SEOgadget is so effortless, it can be easy to forget that they are not an extension of our own company. Communication with Richard and the team is open and transparent and they continue to exceed expectations.”

  • Jeremy_Cabral

    Jeremy Cabral

    Jeremy Cabral,

    You loaded us up – we went from like a 486 DX4 100 to a quad core i7 after your session. We have successfully learned the SEOgadget API and SEOmoz API and are mashing up new things each day. Very helpful!

We work with the biggest brands

We work with the biggest brands

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Why choose SEOgadget?

SEOgadget are the fastest growing international inbound marketing agency. Providing the best consulting in search marketing, we offer a a bespoke range of solutions to grow your business. We care about your revenue, delivered through best in class consulting.

Work with the best performance marketing team in the industry

We care about your sales. SEOgadget is a revenue led search marketing agency. Our team have the best search marketing skills, and they care about the return their activities generate our clients. That’s why we train them in what’s called “CRO” – conversion rate optimisation.

When we’re doing our SEO thing, we’re actively working to monitor and improve your sales, registrations, phone call volume, or whatever it is that makes your company tick. We call it performance driven marketing, and it works.

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