We’re Sending Two of Our Team to Mozcon. Join That Team.


Yes, seriously.

About 30 minutes ago we launched an internal competition for two of our UK staff to join Laura, Chris and myself in Seattle for Mozcon 2013.

They’re very excited, as you can imagine.

Here’s that internal email (with client examples removed:)

You at Mozcon.

I hope you like the sound of that! For the last 3 years, I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to speak at Mozcon – it’s the world’s most exciting, up to date and inspiring conference. It’s in Seattle, WA which is a great city to go visit!


This year, 2 lucky Gadgeteers will be coming with me, to hang out with the US team (Chris and Laura) to learn from some of the most inspiring digital marketers on the planet.

Not only that, you’ll be doing a tour of the MozPlex and hanging out with a lot of other inspired marketing folks.

Win a flight, hotel and ticket to Mozcon 2013

In our day to day lives, we’re often pushing the boundaries of content marketing, learning new skills, finding new audiences and attracting links and social buzz – each of you have the opportunity to do this for your clients and, for SEOgadget.com

To enter our competition, all you have to do submit your best example of your client content marketing, no later than June 3rd 2013. This will be a life changing experience for you – I’m so excited to be able to do this!

The criteria

In your submission, please tell me:

-          Who you were targeting

-          The story you wanted to tell and the goal you set out to achieve

-          Why the opportunity existed (eg: underserved niche?)

-          Where this item of marketing was placed (client site / 3rd party)

-          Who was involved in the project?

-          The designer or developers involved

-          The metrics! How did it perform?

-          The feedback! What did you clients say?

-          Does Richard use this as an example of our great work in sales presentations?

There’s a big onus on YOU to step up and make sure your best work is on the table, and that you’re WINNING the opportunity to get your content ideas signed off by your clients and your line managers…

You get the point

There’s some internal FAQ’s, one of which being around who the competition is open to. We are growing in both the US and UK at an insane pace. I have a huge sales pipe, and I need great people to come and join our wonderful team – inspired search marketers just like the ones you find at Mozcon. On that note, we’re hiring! If you join our team, you’re just as eligible to get yourself entered into our competition as any other Gadgeteer.

There’s a ton of other awesome stuff we do for our teams too – and we’ll talk about that when we meet. In the meantime, if you want to join us and make a real change to the direction of your career – you know what to do:

Apply here

Before you apply, be aware that we only accept the smartest, brightest and most driven individuals into our team. SEOgadget will challenge you – you’ll learn an incredible array of new abilities, but you have to want to be excellent at what you do. Good luck!

Join Our Team!

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