New Linkbuilding Tool: Linker from Enquisite

Our friends at Enquisite have just launched a new link building tool to their existing analytics user base called “Linker”. The email we recieved this morning goes a little something like this:

Enquisite Linker combines the proven logic behind an online dating service with the concepts of social networking to streamline your link-building campaigns. Webmasters, marketers, and search marketers interested in improving their web sites’ visibility across the Internet continually express frustration to us of the difficulty around linking strategies. It’s been incredibly hard to find all the relevant web sites and web pages to link to for outbound links; and, it’s incredibly frustrating for business operators to manage the process that is time and labor intensive to acquire inbound links. Enquisite Linker solves these problems in a simple and elegant manner.

Though the system won’t be arranging my perfect link date until March 16th, you can register your site (if you recieved that email) as of today. So, what’s the point? I think this screenshot summs it up really nicely:

linker backend

Note how you have control over the success parameters in which you’d consider linking out to, and getting a link from a website. That means you’re only likely to be matched with better sources of trustworthy links, provided that, of course, those sites want to meet you. SEOmoz MozRank and Google PageRank play a role in the selection process as does the region your site targets. Neat.

The system takes you to a summary page that reports on the number of new matches found for you and introductions made:

linker backend matches

The most important point Enquisite makes with the new tool is this:

All your data is private and unless you elect to share your website name and address all information remains anonymous. Add your site today, and on March 16th you’ll start reaping the benefits…

A degree of confidentiality makes a lot of sense to me, until at least you’re happy to make contact and arrange a first date. I’ll be watching the results on March 16th with great interest!


  1. George

    Is this going to be any different to TLA?

    1. You need the volume of buyers and sellers to get it to work
    2. How does it differ from any of the other link building services apart from being able to do some filters (which really we can do in Excel or via the seomoz API using some of Will’s tools)

    Not sure about this one….. hmmm

  2. Richard

    Thanks Richard, and also George for your comment.

    You do need more than a few participants for the system to generate opportunities for you, because the key to the introductions is contextual relevance. But that doesn’t mean buyers or sellers, just businesses interested in improving their value to visitors by connecting with other contextually relevant web sites.

    We don’t provide any link building services.

    Imagine you are a local pizza parlour which has a web site, how do you have the time to go to all the other relevant local businesses and make them aware of your web site, and who to connect with to handle linking to or fro? People don’t. In this system, you simply add your site’s information one time, specify what you are looking for, and when other local businesses do the same, AND there’s a contextually relevant match, our system will email both of you to advise you that there’s a relevant match, and what the matching profile looks like. We don’t tell you who it is at that point. Then, you review the match, you can either accept an introduction, or reject it. If both of you accept, then we email you each other’s email address, and leave it to you to proceed from there. We have no further involvement.

    Essentially, we’re providing a framework where you can join a system, define what’s relevant to you, add some quality filters, and know that everyone else in the network has done the same. Everyone else is an active search marketer / business operator, willing and interested in improving their web site. Kind of like a search engine where the results are guaranteed to be held by people just like you, but also providing both parties an opportunity to have a final review prior to accepting an introduction.

    What we’re doing is facilitating the process by which you can discover contextually relevant web sites to link to or from, and we provide the introduction to the correct individual in the other organization.