High Quality Outreach & Link Building

High Quality Outreach & Link Building

High Quality Outreach & Link Building

Google Penguin. It's an update to Google's ranking algorithms that decimated Organic traffic for any business taking shortcuts with their link building strategy. No SEOgadget clients were affected by Penguin, except for the ones that came to us for help afterwards. SEOgadget takes a strict approach to external outreach and link building - we use "Really Targeted Outreach", a process invented and pioneered by our own team.

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Our "World's Greenest Cities" campaign was an exercise in research, creative and editorial placement with some of the World's most impressive publications, including Fast Company. Think of us a little like an SEO PR agency. The story we told looked at the green credentials of some of the World's most populous cities, a concept we validated "had legs" after discovering that the data available had never really been consolidated and analyzed.

We pitched a number of publications on behalf of our client, choosing the "best fit" (audience, publication size, readership, location), taking feedback from each response to improve the final concept. The publication cited our client as the source, and the creative work went viral, reaching over 200 other publications, and winning tweets from the likes of 30 Seconds to Mars and features on the Microsoft Green Blog.

To really make this creative process work, we combined our unique audience profiling, content design and outreach skills with the capabilities of our newly acquired friends at How's Your Pony, to form SEOgadget US. Our US team's brilliant content strategy planning, marketing and further SEO capabilities combined with our UK team makes for a powerful marketing combination to benefit all of our clients. The outcome of our content strategy and marketing campaigns? Growth in your traffic, return on investment and brand advocacy both on and off your website.

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What Exactly is High Quality Link Building, Outreach and Acquisition?

We've got an incredibly powerful skillset, from very high quality content authorship, to infographic and interactive infographic design, and we regularly produce unique and valuable content for your audience. We help build partnerships, external websites with audience that would love to feature our work on your behalf, and we win by adding real value to their audiences. Truly great work finds virality easily, and we take care to find the best data and tell the smartest stories we can. See your brand featured in the World's top publications. That's the future of High Quality Link Acquisition, and if your agency isn't doing that for you right now, you need to speak to us.

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  • james-osborne

    James Osborne

    SEO & Content Executive at Holiday Extras

    Working with SEOgadget is so effortless, it can be easy to forget that they are not an extension of our own company. Communication with Richard and the team is open and transparent and they continue to exceed expectations.”

  • paul-hornby

    Paul Hornby

    Paul Hornby - Head of eCommerce at Shop Direct Group

    SEOgadget thoroughly understood our brief and delivered a really valuable, comprehensive audit of our platform. It contained a wealth of information showing examples and fixes. Following this, they produced keyword research and architecture recommendations which again had superb insight. SEOgadget are readily available and answer all queries in a very quick and efficient manner. They are a pleasure to work with and are aiding us to take our SEO strategy to the next level.

We work with the biggest brands

We work with the biggest brands

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Why choose SEOgadget?

SEOgadget are the fastest growing international inbound marketing agency. Providing the best consulting in search marketing, we offer a a bespoke range of solutions to grow your business. We care about your revenue, delivered through best in class consulting.

Work with the best performance marketing team in the industry

We care about your sales. SEOgadget is a revenue led search marketing agency. Our team have the best search marketing skills, and they care about the return their activities generate our clients. That’s why we train them in what’s called “CRO” – conversion rate optimisation.

When we’re doing our SEO thing, we’re actively working to monitor and improve your sales, registrations, phone call volume, or whatever it is that makes your company tick. We call it performance driven marketing, and it works.

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