iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 & 5 Display Problems – Screen Blank – Faulty?

Blank or Black iPhone Screen

I had my first iphone “fault” today – at least I thought it was a fault. A blank, totally black or intermittently “white” screen (it’s actually just blank). Quite frightening!

The display screen wouldn’t activate and stayed blank even when I pressed the sleep/wake button on the front of the phone. With a blank / black screen your iPhone is completely useless. You can still hear text messages, music and calls coming in, but there’s no way you can do anything.

Don’t panic! The blank screen on your iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 iPhone 5s can be fixed, easily!

Fortunately, I worked out that you can fix this problem by resetting your phone. Here’s how:

Press and hold down the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button simultaneously for at least 10 seconds. The screen will clear out and then the Apple Logo will appear on the black background. When the logo appears it means that the reset is done.

Afterwards you’ll see your screen light up and you’ll be able to breath a sigh of relief! :-)

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  1. Panagiotis Ntavos

    I’ve faced the very same problem with my 3G iPhone! I was really devastated! Many, many thanks! I’ve got my mind back!

  2. Satish

    This is a life saver . I was so upset because I thought it broke and I had just bought it last month !!!

  3. jeff

    Thank you so much, I thought my wonderful phone’s screen had gone for ever, was about to take it back to o2 so easy to reset thanks again.

  4. richardbaxterseo

    Looks like there’s quite a few of these black screen problems surfacing! The volume of search for blank screen and iphone 3g type enquiries is on the increase. I wonder if at some point this impacts all iphone 3g’s? Anyway, thanks for all the kind comments. Glad I can help.

  5. Leon

    Thank you so much…this confounded me and also made me very nervous, thinking I needed to pay for a repair. OK now onto the $64 question,….why does it do this????

  6. superturn

    blacked out at the worst possible time and thought all was lost. Dreading the trip to the store and waiting in line to talk to some attendant that doesn’t want to be there. Thankfully my savvy wife zipped over to this site and in seconds my world was back in action. Thanks

  7. zhare

    Thank you very much man! Everything is going smooth now, I was scared because I just jailbreak my 3 days old 3G to have possibility to use Cydia and every other nice things. But, do you have any clue why this was happen to me and other users? is this known bug or what?

  8. Brian Lee

    this problem has happened to me a few times. once it happened while i was talking and fixed itself by just plugging into the computer. the second time it happened when i was on safari and i accidentally reset it and it came back but didn’t know what i did. this time i was using an app and it went blank. this post saved me so now i know, but as other users have asked, what causes this problem???

  9. mai d

    obviously judging that i am googling at 4am as to wth happened to my phone, you can only imagine how greatful i am i found your post!!!! thanks so much for sharing, i can sleep peacefully now!

  10. DoRayEgon

    Thank you! When my screen went blank I had that feeling you get when you dump (or get dumped) by a girl you knew you weren’t gonna marry, but definitely wanted to hang out with for a few more weeks. Now, warm fuzzies.

  11. Shug

    Many thanks for this – I was just about to try and rest the phone software but gave this a go and it worked a treat. Seriously worried for a bit though!!

  12. Barthez

    Pheww.. I actually had my phone connected to an aux cable when a call came in. I ignored the called, and the screen never came back on, but it was still playing the music. Thanks for saving me an inconvenience man and maybe my dilemma can help to figure out what causes it.

  13. Byerly

    Totally wonderful that the fix was so simple. I’d like to know why this happened though. The thing was just sitting there, doing nothing and I looked and the screen was black. Sounds like a bug to me.

    Now I have it working again but the 3G stuff seems to be inactive. Do you have a fix for this one? Should I reset network settings?

    Thank you for nice easy fix.

  14. Richardbaxterseo

    @byerly hmm what kind of 3g problems are you having? Maps location / gps?or is the phone not connecting? Let me know!

  15. Danny

    I also experienced this black screen. When resetting using the power/home buttons it took about 5 attempts. Each of the previous attempts would bring up the Apple logo then the screen would return to black. Any idea why it would have to be reset 5 times to work?

  16. iLLusionz

    I normally dont respond to these but this one saved my life so I had to say thanks a million!!!

  17. al

    what a genius – thx a lot!!! was thinking had to go through insurance bla bla bla to get repaired etc…!

  18. David

    I never respond to these crazy things….but thank you so much….you have saved me so much trouble

  19. Corey

    I rarely post comments online, but I have to admit, I thought my phone was hoooped. My screen went black when I unplugged it from the wall. It would ring if someone called, I’d get txt msgs, but nothing on the screen. You saved me from throwing it out the window.(well, from shipping it back to apple) Thanks!!

  20. Pamela


    Oh thank u so much! Dude i owe u a drink. i was freaking out like most people here. its a sweet phone but i figured one day i would have a problem… but thank you again such a relief *cheers to u*

  21. kjohnson28

    Dude, you saved me a huge hassle! I was dreading having to call AT&T to figure out what the problem was. I still don’t know what happened, but I was sick over it for a good 20 minutes before reading your post. Good Lookin’ Out!!!!

  22. Paul

    Wow thank you very much, really freaked out! My windows mobile has a reset
    button and does not behave like that… apple… hmmmmmm

  23. Angel

    Ur a lifesaver!! I totally freaked out and started searching the Apple site unsuccesfully of course…. Thanx

  24. erik

    hey man i must say millon dollar thank you,,u saved my life toooo.
    i have the same problem..u are really great thaks again

  25. Paul

    Thought the iphone was wasted,cheers m8. Kinda expected it to be unreliable though, since there is so much going on inside the little thing. better off with a cheap £20 nokia which can phone and text only if you ask me.

  26. Rosada

    U totally saved my life today ! When my screen went blank i thought i would lose all the info i have imputed ! Total relief when my phone sprung back to life with everything intact. Why does this happen to the 3G i phone ? Is it a fault apple should be looking at ?

  27. shehzadi

    This happened to my iphone 3g on my way to the mall today. I tried everything but the reset using both buttons simultaneously- Thanks!

    I took it to the apple store and they didn’t seem to know why it happened or if anything was wrong, they simply said it could be a software glitch and I should try to connect to itunes and restore to factory settings.

    It was really frustrating, thanks for the info.

  28. KL

    Thanks! I went to the Apple site FAQ and it did not help at all. Someone should just post this easy and simple solution on the front page of the Apple Iphone site (In case your screen goes blank, do the following…). Thanks, you are a lifesaver!

  29. Nerve

    Thanks alot man! My iPhone went blank while I was using the ‘Remote’ application, I could still hear sound but thought it was done for. Does this mean there is a fault with mine and everyone elses phones here? Or is it just something that happens with all iPhones, if so, whens the update!

    Thanks again.

  30. DBull

    Thanks, Seems many of the posters here are Brits. My friend in the U.K. loves his I-phone. I’ll tell him I ran onto this site. Thanks for the help from Texas! Cheers or as we say in Texas See ya’ll later.

  31. Ruben

    OMG I totally freaked out today! It did it to me and I only have a week with the phone haha! Thanks bud!
    I believe the cause of it is due to the downloading of applications (as per my roommate). Once we download an application, we must reset the phone, just like a computer. So if you are a frequent application downloader, make sure you restart your phone to prevent this from happening.

  32. designer-wg.de

    Hi man,

    das ist ja wohl das sinnvollste das ich je über das superempfindliche phone je gelesen habe, ich hab’ das Teil seit 4 Tagen und es ist mir schon abgeschmiert, obwohl ich es nur auf den Tisch gelegt habe!

    Total krasser scheiß,
    Ich hoffe ja, dass das nicht noch öfter passiert!!!

    Many, many thanks to you! Best ihint ever!


  33. nigel

    A blank screen had me connected on an international call for 48 minutes when I actually spoke for less than a minute. So naturally I freaked out! I called apple’s tech support and they walked me through resetting the phone. It worked fine for a few days but I’m still having the same problem. So beware! You may have to reset the phone every few days.

  34. ari

    my iphone screen doesnt show any icons and apps at all, i can receive phone calls and on top i can see the time and the battery status but i can see the apps. is there a way to fix that??

  35. elsecretodemi

    OMG!! I found you like 2 minutes after it happened. I was using an APP and I went blank. I hope it does not happen again. I don’t know if it has anything to do with, but I had over 100 pictures on my phone I erased them and it has not happened again. I hope is not an APP issue. Thanks so much!!

  36. Shelley

    Oh my god I was about to storm in to the shop and demand a new phone. I’ve had it 2 weeks and it does this to me! Why are Apple sitting on their backsides doing nothing about this type of problem? It’s obvious that there is an issue with the iphone.

    All I can say is you are a godsend and you have saved someone from getting a verbal bashing ;-)

  37. Andre

    May I be the first to say – OMFG!!! This just happened to me and I totally freaked out!! Then I went onto google found your page and now everything’s alright, for now… Oh, no I may not.

  38. Vijay

    YOU ARE MY SAVIOUR!!!!!!!!!!
    I was literally killed when I was unable to do nothing.
    I was getting calls, hearing sms’s and all I could do was blink!!!
    Was thinking that I messed up while jailbreaking it 3 days back.

  39. ben

    U R the best I was up playing with my iphone went back to it 5 seconds later and i couldn’t get the screen to start up i tried syncing my itunes and it said it was not getting the right information from my iphone I then was able to find ur site
    You are a real lightsaver without this I probally would never of figured it out
    Thanks a milllion :)

  40. richardbaxterseo

    @Karen – I tend to agree. I’ve actually had to delete a few spam comments on ths page but for the most part everyone here has been releieved they’ve found a solution to their problem. Currently this page is generating around 1000 visits per day! That’s a big problem for Apple!

  41. kait

    I know it’s been said a thousand times by now, but THANK YOU for this information! The apple website was so unhelpful, and this post allowed me to breathe again!

  42. Andrew

    Life saver – screen went black on the Iphone as I was getting ready for a booked out day before a business trip for 3 days. Talk about timing. I was about to drop it all and rush to the 02 store to ensure I could be contacted/read mailes etc whilst away. This would have killed the morning and several “Must Do” things.

    Thanks for the help and I will be back to browse the site in full.

  43. Dave

    I echo the people above in thanks – something so simple and facile should be the first thing that people find when googling for this information. What amazed me before finding your site and simple answer (and I will admit to a level of scepticism about it working!) was the complicated ways people have looked into and the wealth of things that can be done to mess with your iPhone. However I also suggest that although Apple could give a little more instruction about the usage and fixes to common iPhone glitches, I still think they rock for the iPhone – although my wife hates it! LOL

  44. Denise

    Thank you SO much! You have no idea how relieved I am. I’ve been stressing about the blank/black screen since it happened this afternoon. I will definitely sleep easier tonight. You rock!

  45. Richard

    Well just thought I’d add my voice to the chorus of people thanking you for quick clear directions, although its no secret how to restart a device the info you have put up has been found here first by so many, thank you

  46. Anne-Marie

    Happened to me last night, plugged it into my laptop didn’work. Found this website, did what u said and it worked.
    thanks saved me from taking it back to 02.

  47. Ed

    THANKS DUDE!!!! Thought I was going to have to buy a whole new phone! You rock!!!!!! You are the KING of TECH!! :-)

  48. Rachael

    Thanks alot…. this was a real lifesaver. My screen actually froze then stayed white with the ringer off logo still on the screen. I could hear the calls come in but couldnt answer then. It was right when we were moving interstate and selling our home. Ur advice was a god sent.:)

  49. Cliff

    GG on the post. This has happened to me several times (mostly during calls) and I was at a loss…This thread is l33t and the Apple site bytes ass…

  50. Cliff

    BTW…Anyone know WHY this happens???

    Judging by the amount of posts, this is a regular occurrence. Any ideas?

  51. Sandra

    I had this problem with my brand new white 16g iphone after about three days. After a call, when I moved it from my ear, instead of the buttons coming up with the red “End Call” the screen was black so I was not sure how to end the call. Fiddled around, switched on & off and managed to check that my line was not active.
    Rang o2 customer support and they told me about the two key reset (above) but they said that it was probably a “handset issue” that they were aware of. Since I had only just bought it and it was within 28 days, take it to any O2 store with the receipt and they would swap out for a new one.
    Luckily in the store, it did the same thing again when the assistant checked it so I got a replacement.
    That was last Saturday. Yesterday, after leaving a voicemail for someone, I got the black screen without the end call button again. So I’m going to monitor it but will return it if it does this again.

  52. Lee

    Thanks man, I think apple created this glitch so that people would be scared into getting insurance the next day!!!! No, the same day!!!! I know I will, I was sitting here saying… How will I afford to buy another one of these!!! Thanks a million!

  53. Graeme

    Same thing happened to me. Not sure if I used this process but after trying everything the phone eventually worked. The last thing I did was lots of screen taps. The only hint to why this is happening is when you install new applications. I had just installed FMTouch. Maybe if we start listing what we did prior to the black screen we may see a common cause. Cheers.

  54. Chris

    Thanks so very much this was a great article and a great help !!!! You guy’s rock and are wonderful !

  55. Karissa

    OMG! thank you so so so much this is my 2nd iphone 3g and
    i would die if i had to send this back!


  56. Sherry

    Just wanted to add my “Thanks” to your much deserved list of appreciative peeps. Your simple logical instructions are perfect! Why doesn’t Apple & the rest of the world communicate so clearly? It took 5 takes for my new iphone to reset & the screen to appear. But I still LOVE this phone. I have had it less than a month and am still learning. You’re the best!

  57. Wayne

    Thank you so much, i just updated to fimware 2.2.1, then jailbreaked, after a few mins screen went off, and i panicked like crazy. This little trick worked a charm, and never lost anything. Thought it was delete all my apps etc…

    Once again, A massive thank you

  58. marilyn21

    hmmmmmmph “breathing a sigh of relief’. lol. You’re a lifesaver!!! I started freaking out when my screen went black because I know i didnt drop it or anything. I was in a class so I couldnt leave to go see a at&t rep so i decided to check the net. And guess what….. Thanks!!!

  59. Patricia Tautai

    You are awesome. I was getting frustrated and annoyed that I only had the phone for a month and then suddently….a GHOST SCREEN. thanks for the tip and fix because it revived my phone

  60. Nicole

    The screen went blank after a call.. My phone suddenly turned into a vibrating paperweight. I am so happy I found you on the web. If this happens to anyone I know I will spread the word!

  61. paulie

    Thank you one million miles, your tip was just what i needed and i didnt have to take it to the store…:)

  62. Linda

    You’re a life saver!! Thank you so much for this post. It’s scary how dependent we’ve all become on this technology. And the nicest thing about this post was that even I could figure it out. : ))

  63. Cindy M.

    Thank you so much for your post! One minute the phone was working great and the next minute the screen just went black! It’s my work phone so I started to panic and you really helped me out. Thanks again!

  64. Mark Palmer

    You have kept me from putting my unusually large forehead though a thick brick wall. Many many thanks!

  65. Jason M

    I never say thanks for things on these walls, so it’s mean a lot to me to say thank you. Thank you. I was wigging out.

  66. Venkatarangan TNC

    Thanks a lot, from morning my phone was not displaying anything. I was getting calls, but touch wasn’t working. So I started to feel panic, but then Google helped to find your page and the solution you said worked like a charm. Thanks a lot.

  67. Mike

    The same thing happened to me too. I tried this and the phone did exactly as you said. I wonder why the screen goes blank in the first place, anyway thanks a bunch… I thought I was going to have to buy another one… Ha!

  68. Pål-Magnus

    OMG!! I was gonna go to the store for repairs tomorrow, when I googled “black screen iphone” just for fun.. And what do you know!! Thanks a million, dude!! Iphone is purring like a kitten again:)


  69. Nicollllle.(:

    Oh, My Gosh!
    Thank you so much!
    I like ffreaaked out when i couldnt get my phone to do anything!
    but you have fixed itt.!

  70. Dom

    Phew!!! I actually had a screwdriver in my hand ready to open it up to disconnect the battery! It was a last resort and the phone is the wife’s. Well done you for being there when Googled. I’m off to take something else apart instead.

  71. Mika

    Thanks Richard! I’ve been on holidays for four days without a computer available for Googling. Was so relieved to see your message. Being without a mobile or computer takes me back to the good old days, however I am thrilled to be back up and running. Ta!

  72. Ollie

    GENIUS! your a life saver, man! I’ve only had my iPhone for 6 days and this happened, thank god for you and google =D

  73. idkelly

    oh thank youuuuu.
    found this link thru googe.
    thnx man!!.
    i had to use my 1.1.4 2g iphone!!.
    phewww thnxxx.!!!!

  74. Murf

    Thanks a bunch! This has happened to me a couple times and I was needing to retrieve an importantn message! CHEERS!!!! Apple needs to recall or something in regards to this…

  75. Paul Robertson

    I have just recently got an iPhone. Last night, I pulled mine out to use and nothing, nada, zip. I could do nothing to get it working again. When I got home, I plugged it in to the computer to see what would happen, and bingo it came on again fully functioning???!!@<%^Any suggestions? I am calling ATT as soon as the local store opens

  76. Brian

    WOW! Thanks. I was searchign the web to see if the screen going black would be covered under the warranty and came across this thread! AWESOME! Thank you so much. You really helped me avoid a mess!





  78. jack

    i had mine for two days and it did this i was so dissapointed but your a life saver thank you so much whomever posted this

    gold starrr right there.
    i was freaking out bigtime.
    thank you so much

    wickeddddd :)

  79. Tabby

    Thanks man… I’m glad i didn’t really break the phone when i was trying to beat the damn thing back into life.

  80. P

    Thank you so much!!! You are awesome! I tend to agree with so many people here, they really should have this fix on the Apple site under FAQ’s or something.

  81. Cindy


    I have the same problem, is there anything that can be done or do I have to take my phone back to the store? I just got mine 6 days ago.

  82. Cindy

    Found it!! Some cases are covering the sensor on the face of the iphone. It’s in the left corner next to the speaker. Screen is supposed to go black when you hold it to your ear. Most cases aren’t suitable for the iPhone with sensor.

  83. lasha

    Umm. My phone screen was blank with just light, and when I tryed out you trick (thank you) I did not work. Is there another way I can fix this problem? Thanks again

  84. aj

    i don’t ever do these leave-a-comment type of things but i just had to leave you one! thanks for the pointers! i was ready to drop it down the toilet.. luckily i finaly came across your site after how many damn google results! now i can go back to sleep peacefully, thank you again =P

  85. Carlos

    OMFG!! It worked!!! Thanks a lot Man!!! I was starting to freak out. We appreciate your post. (richardbax)

  86. Cam the Man

    Beeing a bit of a tech guru and work alot with computers and review gaming parts, i thought i had this sussed….. i was wrong!!!!!!

    It take the wider majority to find solutions to these sorts of problems and inveriably not the dealer’s as they were, when i called just “salesmean” as the guy at O2 told me…..and you were never gonna find a solution on apples site or help desk, so dont bother, a blog like this is the way forward and saved me from hanging myself…………

    anyway more thanks to Richardbaxterseo,

  87. Valerie

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! Usually I just plug it in and when the screen turns on for a second, I catch it and turn it off, but this time it wouldn’t turn on for anything! Thanks Lifesaver!

  88. Eliot

    Are you all serious? Duh, obviously if you do a hard reset the software will reboot and the display will work. I was looking for a fix to stop it from going blank all the time. Seems to be after jailbreaking goes blank a lot. Wil come back after a while without the reset but annoying especially when it happens during an incoming call. Seems like virtual memory problem. Anyone got a proper fix apart from restoring to an unjailbroken state?

  89. Wizzle...

    I had a few clients who were experiencing the very same blank screen issue and I had no idea what to tell them…
    Good Lookin’ out…

  90. jas

    OmG! Thank you so much! I nearly freaked out, actually i did–I had to let out a few scream, hopefully the neighors didnt call the cops!!!! U saved my day!!

  91. akthar

    Thank God… and Thank You very much man,it was a great help,i got so freaked when it went blank.
    The Tip really helped and working fine now.

  92. brrroom

    THANK YOU!!!! I’ve got a cracked iPhone, and I thought I’d have to restore it and then jailbreak it again. Thank you for saving me all the pain and hassle.

  93. Saberi

    Thanks allot richardbaxterseo this blog is very useful. Seems like allot of people are having this problem. I think this should be raised with o2/apple and have them fix this in the next update because this seems to be a software problem. The thing is I don’t have jail breaker yet this still happened to me. I don’t think this jail breaker thing is causing the problem!


  94. The Relieved

    Thank you so much. The end felt near. Haha. People like you, posting free advice and help, is a much underated deed.

  95. Anthony W. PArran

    I have experienced the problem several times, each when I am talking on the phone. The odd thing is, I wear Opticon EPOQ hearing aids in both ears and use a bluetooth streamer that transmits everything bluetooth to them. In that mode I have never had a problem and simple press the streamer call answer/release button. Obviously this is not for everyone, but during the times when I am not wearing them, not in bluetooth mode, and had the screen go blank is when I am ready to hang up while driving. The most annoying times is when I get a voicemail and can’t release the darn thing. It also happened during a 911 call. Sure would be nice if Apple fixed the initial problem.

  96. Anthony W. Parran

    Since this is a free informaton website, thought I’d add a tip. If you are having problems with your iPhone uploading your music or video files, just go to FILE – ADD TO LIBRARY, find your file and click on it. Go to your device setting in iTunes and put a check mark beside the seletion and then re-sync your iPhone.

  97. Sarah

    Thanks so much!!
    I’ve been completely distraught for the last hour thinking my iPhone will never come back to life again – you’re a champion!

  98. Carly

    I thought my iPhone was for sure dead and gone.
    You saved my night!

  99. Mathias Awundaga

    This white screen freaked me and my son last night and by googling I saw your blog and it’s given me peace.

    God Bless

  100. Wildside

    Isn’t it crazy how everyone freaked out and had all the air ripped out of their lungs and you are praised a hero! Thanks for returning the oxygen to my room!

  101. mirza

    omg dude this website saved my life today.. i was about to go pay over 400 dollars for a new iphone due to the black out omg thanks so much

  102. kristy

    is this a sign that problems are to come? I have the 3g and was wondering if anyone has had any other problems.

  103. mesohappynow

    Thank you for sharing this brilliant tactful non-bs way to fix my iphone. Some people, like you, genuinely care to help and I appreciate your time you took to do it. My iphone back to norm. Thank you truly.

  104. Jim

    Had the same problem. I actually plugged it in & waited over night to find that it was working again. When it started working properly I googled this thread from my iPhone to find out what happened. Good to find a lot of useful info here too. Now I know how to fix it easily. Thanks a million!

  105. John Gotti

    lifesaver serious, i had all the papers ready to go back to carphone warehouse,
    dont know why that happend grrr

  106. Gabby

    Thankyou so much, its happened once before but when i plugged it in i got the screen back and was able to turn it off in the normal way and then all was rosy after that untill today! It happened today and i was out so i had to do without a phone for several hours which was very annoying as people had been trying to get me and i couldnt do anything, arghh!!! thank god tht u put this on here, thankyou!!! x x

  107. jorge

    You rock man!! I have the iphone for over a year (Edge), first time this has ever happened, thought it bit the dust.

  108. iRush

    Genius! The solution worked liked a charm the first time! Thank you very much! I was so ready to get the screws and open it up LOL! Hopefully this issue gets fixed. Aside from the handicap of not being able to forward text messages and send/receive pic messages normally, this phone is not cheap to just die on me less than 5 months after I bought it. Thanks again!

  109. harrison

    I LOVE YOU MAN!!!WAAAAH just had my iphone a couple days and the screen turned blank! your a life saver! i almost wanted to throw my phone and smash it to pieces!lol

  110. Shandrica

    Man, thank you soooo much, I was freaking out this morning, i thought my phone was broken

  111. faye

    This is pretty much the same as all the other comments, but I have to say thank you sooooo much. I love you. I thought my iPhone was broken. You are a lifesaver!!!

  112. Mara Daniel

    Thank you so much for posting this. I thought my phone was a gonner and I did as you suggested and it worked perfectly. This is the best advise clear and to the point. THANKS!!

  113. Steve

    Awesome, thank god for decent people and the internet. I’ve bunked off work for a day to go drinking on St Patricks day and needed my phone and when the screen went blank I nearly died.
    Cheers for that!

  114. BTHOMP

    Thanks! I was freaking out, but your little trick worked like a charm. I’m not much of an instructions reader, so I appreciate your little “how to”.

  115. Muji

    My iphone3g goes blank when I am sometimes making a call and cannot terminate the call or listening to voicemail. The display disappears but intermittently for split second comes back then disappears. This is extremely annoying and a bug.

    Anyone else experienced it during calls? I was thinking of taking it back to the shop as it is still under warranty. IS this a known “feature”?



  116. vpm

    Thanks. I hope this doesn’t become a habit for my phone, I’ve had it for about 6 months.
    It sure takes a while on the apple logo before it works again.

  117. MaomingMom

    Google brought me straight here…and thank goodness! My phone was “black” and ringing and I couldn’t answer it! It did just as folks described here..time at the top and not one app or “button” in site. So far so good with the reset. Thanks.

  118. Niels

    Thank you so much, you should be made president of Apple or something….

    Can you not get a slice of the bailout money ;-). I will support your claim!!

  119. Phamfatale

    OMG – what a lifesaver.. I was absolutely devastated when my whole life in my iPhone went blank… THANK GOD for YOU !

  120. Joe T

    Thanks for the timely info. I’ve had my iPhone 3G since early December 2008, but I only started seeing this problem on March 13. I wonder what the trigger is?

  121. einielouis

    thanx a lot you totally save my iPhone. I’m totally freak out when nothing comeout from my iPhone just can hear msg coming in. thax again

  122. Rocky


  123. Johnfmichel@gmail.co

    Thank you for saving the day!!! I was worried about the screen going blank, but the reset worked!

  124. SteveH

    Top Man! Was just about to phone O2 and request a replacement and thought I’d try Googling the problem. Thanks so much for posting this.

  125. kevin

    ok never mind everything is undercontrol,well at first i didnt bother looking it up on the website, and my dad was just yelling at me bc i “always break it,” so i thought i was just gonna get any yelling, and i had the feeling like your just about to go down a rollar coaster, man are you a life saver

  126. Anna

    Thank you! This happened to me about an hour ago and I started completely freaking out – my dad was going to kill me if I broke another phone.

    I researched and found this site. You totally just saved my ass.


  127. rahul

    woah.. thanks man. although i had had the problem many times before, this is the quickest solution to it. i used to wait for the battery to die out n then restart it.

    thanks agn

  128. Kel

    It worked like a charm and saved my 17 year old from a Heart Attack, my question is why does it do this, mine has never done that. My sister in law recently purchased one and said they told her she should perform this reset at least twice a week. Thanks for the save!!

  129. Jeanette

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  131. Chani Martin

    ok, any idea what to do if the reboot doesn;t worked… I have held both keys down for about 10 minutes, and nothing… just a white screen. I can swipe my finger over and it makes all the right noises, but the screen stays white!

  132. Dale

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    Thanks heaps again!

  133. sandra o'donaghue

    OMG who ever left this post i will love u for ever i was soooooo upset tht my phone had died on me i was left with a blank screen and could pick up my calls or texts then i read his post and i WORKED YEAH LOVE THE INTERNET

  134. VS

    Thank you!!! I was going nuts over this (have had the phone for almost a year but this is the firts problem I’ve encountered). It didn’t help that out of frustration I threw the phone on the ground twice lol.

    Thanks again!

  135. csong

    this doesnt work if its connected to the charger. make sure to take it off the charger first!

  136. Steve

    I was half way through a total restore when i found this blog. I just managed to save all my files and settings, Sweet

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    Another THANK YOU to add to your pile. Like the rest of them, I nearly lost it. Good deed!

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  139. Ash

    I off today, going abroad, it was approx 4:15 am guess what screen went totaly blank, i was peveed off. So far this is my fourth Iphone 3G. i have only had this one for less than a week. Dreading going into town and going Apple store in Manchester for a replacement. Glad i did a quick search, thanks a million $ :-) Never had this problem before, glad it happened now than when i was on hols. I would have been really pevved off, as i would not have any access to the web to be able to search for a solution. Thanks again.

  140. Pat

    Dude…very rarely do i post stuff…before my screen died on me, i had uploaded a huge amount of songs and apps…m guessing that like on a comp where you need to restart after installing something to make it wrk well…guess u need to do the same…another explanation can be the proximity sensor( the sensor that makes the screen inactive when you are on a call/ hold it close to your ears) hung up for some reason…in fact most most probably…this is it..cuz it actually did not come back after a call..

  141. Jenni

    You are a genius. Just as I was about to go abroad with my whole schedule for 3 months on the iphone and I thought I was stuffed. Thank you

  142. srini

    Thanks Richard. Bought this phone as a gift for my wife. I really freaked out when i saw the blank screen.

  143. Ms. Very Stupid

    I LOVE YOU!!!!! Thanks for this post!!!!! This happened to me for the first time. I could get calls and I recognized the rings I had assigned to people, but the screen was just blank. The problem had me in a panic. This error is very stupid, but your fix is just right! Thanks again!

  144. Bryn

    The simplist of resets but needs genius to figure it out in the first place! thanks a million. Wonder why the store and service provider couldn’t offer this solution. Prob a conspiracy to get you to pay for repairs or buy a new phone! you are a saviour!!

  145. Wandile

    Thank You.

    Your suggestion worked well. I thought I would have to send in my iPhone and get a loan iPhone!!!!

  146. sandra Davidson

    Thank you so much… I was almost about to cry there only had phone a few days.. Thanks again xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    Thanks man good looking out, I figured there was a way to reset it, if not my iphone still under warranty.

  150. Ranganath Sadasiva

    Hi.. I called the Service provider who gave me the same solution.. and it worked. I am however not sure as to why this happens…

  151. Catherine Rapsey

    Also works with a completely white screen. You are a total lifesaver. Thank you so very much!

  152. Jordan Perry

    I battled this problem even after getting a replacement phone (for a different problem). After speaking with Apple they suggested I remove the phone from the rubber sleeve I keep it in, and the problem immediately disappeared. As surprised as I was, somehow the case was causing the black screen issue in the first place, rendering the need to constantly reboot the phone moot. I’m going to test other cases until I find one that doesn’t cause the issue. Hope this helps.

  153. Heinz

    thanks very much! you provided the perfect solution. (and all the personal data/settings were still available even after the reset. great!)

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  157. Giri

    It was my first iphone 3G fault. Exactly the same thing happened. One funny phenomenon though !!! While trying to open the clock, my finger kind of slided on the screen rather than a touch. It was amazing to see all the icons started to jiggle !!! I have never seen this happen before. Once I pressed the home button, the jiggling stopped but the screen went blank after a few seconds !!! What followed was the same frustrating story till I read the comments by richardbaxterseo. It worked like a magic !!

    Thank you.

  158. TASHAAA

    OMGGG i think im in love with you… 2 seconds and i would have left for the O2 store :) cheeers x

  159. Nik

    Okay my screen went blank and it is 2:50 am and I trying to keep my cool, so I call at&t and apple and of course they are both closed. Thereafter I headed to yahoo and needless to say my phone is up and running.. Richard ur so cool and u at least deserve a cyber kiss on the cheek (not to be fresh, but friendly)

    Thanks a million!

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  161. Amy

    worked great to turn the phone back on but now says Invalid SIM (is an unlocked, jailbroken phone…) what do I do now?

  162. Amod

    :-) Speakless. Everyone has already said lots of thanks to you.
    I faced it twice. I hope that iPhone should let their user know about this problem as this is one of the costliest phone and used by all executives for their crucial business. Such type of problem should not be there.

    One problem: When I open my phone and click on iTune and starts downloading anything, it ask for password for some email Id. I never entered this email-id. It was new phone. It asks for some yahoo Id. Can you tell me why and what is the solution to replace it with my ID?

  163. steve

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    Thank you so much, been annoyed all day at work without a phone tried charging it, syncing with itunes, well not looking forward to an argument at carphone warehouse as i don’t have insurance (way too expensive) This trick worked perfectly and my beloved iphone works perfectly again.

    Great tip thanks a lot.

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    Dude! Thank you so much.
    It seems like I always have imac / phone problems when my geek husband is out of town. Now, if this happens to his iphone, I can fix it (without telling him I cheated with you, of course) and he will be totally impressed.

  169. darren

    thank you soooo much, its currently restarting, had the phone ages and has never happd b4! thank you

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    Go and get a job prob-solving at IPhone/O2!! Well done. Spent the night like a right wally pressing the button and hoping life would return to the beast. Nothing. Then the Baxter meister donned his cape and goggles (or should that be Googles?) and saved the planet from a world of black screen, sadness and utter chaos.

    You are a demi god sir and I salute you.


  171. Karl

    I use my phone for business. You helped me to avoid angry clients and lost busniss opportunities. Priceless advice. Cheers

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    Thank you! I’m happy to know that there are cool people out there who look out for others! You saved me time, money and heartache. Salut!

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    Dude, you are awesome! I had by first “black screen” and about flipped out thinking my phone was DEAD!

    Thanks for the info on how to reset the iPhone 3G.

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    I just thought id add to the 1 thousand posts here that the same thing happened – many thanks as it worked nd is now fixed – was very angry when i thought phone had broken. Very strange as to why it happens though – not sure if it will be a regular occurence.

  177. Vichraje

    Hey you’re so great to tell another trick for iPhone!

    It’s too many tricks that a mobile WM can do with obvious button and an you can’t even guess how to do it on an iPhone.

    I mean besides that, iPhone is still the best.

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    Thank you for this site!!! My day was going bad enough when I backed into a brick wall and then my phone went black~~at least one thing was free to fix!!!!

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    OMG thankyou i was panicing! all my business is done on my iphone and i thought i had lost all my contacts. thankyou once again : )

  181. Joel

    Ive had this problem on and off for over a year now. (2g iphone 8gb) and i cant think of anything ive done which causes it. Its happened probably over 25 times since ive had the phone, and it had been fine for about 4 months until today it happened 4 times!!!!!! So thought id see if anyone has found a reason (or prevention) for it.

    ive had it happen while listenin to ipod.. just leaving it for couple of hours.. just randomly. Nothins ever stood out as being the cause.
    But ive ALSO BEEN ABLE TO FIX IT BY JUST PUTTING IT ON CHARGE. just plugging in the cable always seems to wake the screen up. (sorry if its already been said i read first 300-ish comments but gave up after that lol)

    hope this helps at all

  182. Joel

    ……. Also was able to wake up my screen by getting someone to call my phone.

    (sorry for missing that bit out in last post)

  183. Winston Bowden

    You = rock. I thought my phone was dead and couldn’t figure out how to reset. Thanks!

  184. John Phelan

    Well done! An hour wasted through trying to find a store that could help and then googling, but good to get the answer. I am even less impressed with this iPhone now – its a gimmicky piece of c**p.

  185. mr wig

    thanks man, first search result in google. saved me arsing around going to a phone shop..apart from the fact i took off the hard to fit case and screen. damn you apple

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  189. Cheryl

    MANY THANKS!! I even tried this already but apparently I just didnt hold the buttons down long enough. As soon as I read this, I tried again and this time, success! Problem solved in just over 10 seconds! Much appreciated. Because of your tip-all is well with my iphone. You’re awesome! Thanks so much for sharing!!

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    I was about 10 seconds away from paying to get my phone fixed!
    I am so happy!

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    You Rock!
    I was really freaking out. It’s scary how attached we can get to this phone.


  192. simonsayz69

    You are such a life saver or apple would have peeled my skin off to fix it. I m wondering why does this happen ? is it because of static or something else. apple should look in to this as from a hard core nokia fan it took me time to shift to this baby and such niggles have left me thinkin…..Hmmmmm was it worth it???????!!!!!!!! once again thanx regards, Simon.

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    Thank you so~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~much!!!

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    Thank you very much for taking the time to put this info on the net – I thought I had totally ruined my iphone – thanks again.

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    Thanks so much! I was pressing the home button and a text came in at the same time and my screen went blank! To say the least I was not happy. You are a lifesaver!!!!

  199. Debi Koop

    My daughter just came running into my office, crying. We tried all the usual things. I went online searched for IPHONE 3G blank screen, and there was your advice. We tried it and it worked. Great, thanks so much for putting this out. She is so relieved. Happy house again.
    This is Emerald Frogy Hopping away <: <: <: <:

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    I seriously thought i broke it and I’ve only had it for 2 months!
    You’re a lifesaver!!!

  201. vahri

    Thanks very much -your fix worked – I’ve been living with this for about 2 months! Scrolled through the comments – does anyone know why this happens and if there is a permanent fix yet..ie do you still have to routinely do this every couple of days?

  202. tiwana

    your are the best, I thought that I had to go to dealer for repairs but you saved me. Thanks Bud

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  205. Joe

    Thanks a lot Richard!!!!! Phone booted up again. Don’t know how to thank you. I felt helpless without my phone! Thanks again!

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    Thanks again.

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    may24 2009 thanks it is easy & very convient to resolve the problem i was scared i think my phone is useless

  215. Firas Tarakhan

    Hi, i got the same problem and i did what you adviced but the problem that the apple logo didt appear and the phone didnt started it just a dark blue light
    can u help me please ???

  216. Rose

    Thank you! I thought I was gonna loose it. Thnk you for the fix. Oh and my hubby thanks you because he doesn’t have to hear me stress anymore!

  217. Jonathan

    I can’t thank you enough! I never post to sites on the web like this, but felt I had to this time. Like many others, I’m sure, I use the iPhone virtually all the time, and when the screen went black on me, and wouldn’t reboot by pressing the sleep/wake button on the top right, I felt a wave of panic – solved only by your fix! Some of the other posts are asking what caused it… I can only say that I had just tried to access my mail over 3G, and it had said it couldn’t make a connection. I then put it back in my belt wallet and turned it off. The problem happened when I turned it on again – it wouldn’t. The clue was that it still made the tell-tale bleeps when plugging power in, which showed it wasn’t completely dead. My guess is that I might have accidentally pressed a strange combination of buttons simulaneously.

  218. Pu

    Thank you very much your suggestion is really helpful.
    i though that I have to throw my Iphone to the dust bin already.

  219. Seth

    awesome dude thanks a bunch i was trippin cuz i jailbroke mine haha! why does this thing happen anyways???

  220. Jose Natal

    HINTS to debug what may be causing the problem:

    1. Make a call using the iphone without any casing.
    2. While the call is being placed place your hand over the top center “face” portion of the phone. Your hand should cover the rectangular opening.
    3. The screen goes blank
    4. Remove your hand the screen display appears.

    It is this sensor that may be the cause of some of the problems experienced by iphone users.

    Prevention of the bad blank screen:
    1. Check the rectangular area and ensure there is nothing blocking the sensor
    2. Heat may be causing the sensor to not operate correctly.
    A. Sun exposure; phone’s face is in the sunlight
    B. Running an application requiring a lot of power
    consumption for an extreme period of time
    C. On the phone for an extreme amount of time; your face
    generates heat and gives off oils : >
    3. Yes, one’s case may cause the problem if the case blocks the sensor.

    Though this information is not the everything answer it may provide a tidbit of help for those trying to resolve and avoid having the infamous blank screen from occuring.

  221. Erika

    You saved me and my boss’ life! THANK YOU for taking the time to post this with a resolution!

  222. Dave

    I can not believe I’ve been doing full restores on it since I’ve had it – or that so many other people are experiencing the identical problem.

    It has to be a problem with memory not being freed up after heavy usage…and it better be corrected with the summer OS release.

  223. richardbaxterseo

    I think you’re spot on with your comments there, Dave. It’s clearly a software / memory activity issue that hopefully, V3 of teh firmware will fix. Thanks for dropiing by!

  224. SWAGDY

    and you’ll be able to breath a sigh of relief.. this is exactly what happend :)

    thanks a lot man!

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    Thankyou sooo much, this is the third time this has happened, its so annoyin! Does anybody know why it does it? Its buggin me!

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    Great tip!

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    Oh God! I freaked out when my screen went blank. I could hear calls coming but could not do anything coz there was nothing on the screen. Thank You sooo much! For a minute I thought I lost my phone. What a relief.. Thanks again! :)

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    Hey dude thank you so much for the tip, I use my iPhone for business and couldn’t cope with the idea of loosing my work tool in the middle of a Marketing Campaign.

    You are the best.


  232. Deon Choi

    yeah that only works if you turn your phone off and want to turn it on. i was txting on my fone and it just went black and i tried wat ur telling me to do and it didnt work.

  233. azreen

    hey i did it and yeah there’s an apple sign but what happens after that ? it stays there with the apple sign … help me please!

  234. azreen

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    i freaked out cause i dropped it during shower . -.- ”
    thanks again!

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    i hve it but not any good result i found please given a answer to me how to i start my phone. its show off only apple logo on the screen

  237. vikas

    i hve it but not any good result i found please given a answer to me how to i start my phone. its show off only apple logo on the screen please reply to me

  238. Hamish

    One in a million ! Thats great advice and just saved me a bucket full of hassle, thank you

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    HEY DUDE! THANKS A MILLION! I was freaking out as it suddenly went blank but kept vibrating when I was at the movie.. Once I did as you said I received like 10 misscalls and 15 messages.. All that vibrations almost made me pee during the movie.. Once again, arigatou!

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    Can anyone tell me why this happens? I am supprised that an apple product would do this!!!!

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    thank you once again:D:D

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    Iphone’s! My son thought it would be so cool for his mum to have an iphone and convinced my husband to buy one… 3 days later blank screen… warranty lost and freaking out… Ha and you saved the day!!! A million thanks!

    Can you tell me… is there a way to assign music from the ipod to the contacts?

    And how do you forward a text message?

    I have been a sony phone user for years… this iphone is so random with its functions… Not sold on it!

    Thanks again

  251. Jaki Levy

    you are seriously awesome. many many thanks. i know there are like over 400 comments – i’m sure many many people had issues, and didn’t thank you. so – in short. thank you

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    I, like hundreds of others obviously, am very thankful to you for this info. I was looking for a reset button and couldn’t find one. Apple’s website was no help at all, but you saved me a trip to the store and lots of hassles I’m sure!!

  253. Andy

    When I press these buttons, I get the screen with an option to power off or Cancel. I am assuming I have to cancel every time. Or is there another way?

  254. nathan

    thanks dude u really saved me there i thought i was gunna have to go buy another iphone or something rawr!

  255. mahiwal28

    Guys, I need help, My IPHONE 3g, 16gb, it works fine with ultrasn0w and jail break, but the problem is when someone calls I can answer the phone but I can’t end the call. If I call some one the “END CALL” button does show up, but not with the Incoming calls… any ideas?… Need Help !!!!!!

  256. candice

    resetting only works momentarily. every time i pull the phone away from my ear when on a conversation, it goes blank and stays blank for at least 2 mins. i can’t hang up the phone or anything. anyone know what causes this and should i return iphone3gs ?

  257. Pippa

    will you help me out with this one .
    my iphone screen is just white !
    and ive tried that thing above.
    but it hasnt worked.
    please help me out !x

  258. coss

    Genius! Many thanks. Anyone know why it does it? Surely someone at Apple would have looked at it, and posted a fix on the 3.0 update since it’s been over half a year now since the first post?

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  262. yvie chagaresango

    HELP….. I have a blank screen on my iphone 3G. it switches off and on and the sleep/wake button work, but i cannot see anything. the whole screen starts off black and white, then darker lines appear and then it turns white. when i try to do what u told me to do it switches off but i do not see an apple logo appear. MY APPLE LOGO DOESNT EVEN APPEAR….The screen stays white till it switches off. it makes sounds when u unlock the screen and lock it again but nothing but white screen…. HELP… HOW DO I FIX IT.

  263. LH


  264. schus082

    What everyone else has said, I was about to start breaking things I was freaking out! Thank you!

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    you rule – my new iPhone 3g S was one day old when the screen blanked – bummed. THis fixed it perfectly.

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    my iphone 3g jst went blank suddenly. itriedseveral times what u said buuuuuuuuut its not workin. my phn was on auto loccck.plz helpme to solve dat.

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    Bunches of thanks!! This has happened twice. My husband reset it the 1st time, but we couldn’t figure out exactly what steps had been taken.

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    i had same problem that is not solved out with this i tried it many times but the screen is still black all othe things are working but i can’t get back the screen light will u help me out

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    awesome, thanks v.much, I had tried this but obviously wasn’t being patient enough, thanks for giving me the confidence this would work!

  270. Erik

    i tried this many times and it dont work. i dont think i have the same problem as you guys but this is what mine does. first i placed it on my ihome and emedeitly the screen went to a very scrachy white screen so i held the home and sleep button for about 5 seconds then let go of both. (helps if you dont want to restore it.) then it came back and errrra thing is fine. but that little stunt made my battery at 10% so i was on it and my battery died. went to charge it and it was entirely unresponsive. so here i am freakin out cause nothing is working and it was perfectly 10 minutes before. none of the buttons respond. i tried restoring it but nothing works. held every button and no logo will pop. so please email me if you gotz some solutions cause i gotz none. Sk8element64@hotmail.com. THANKS A MILL.

  271. Zukie

    My Iphone 3G crash last night after installing one of Cydia application (MMS) Now I had a Black screen with the apple logo that start reebotting , appears the baterry without any charged and then the blacks screen with apple logo goes again and again. Does not start up. Can someone tell wTF is happenning, is there any way i can solve it??

  272. melissa

    Thank you so much! my 8 year old niece’s iphone’s screen went blank and i knew there was a way to fix it. i just didnt know how. That will save me from telling her mom that it was broken, when it really wasn’t. Thanks again.

  273. Tania Ashby

    Oh MY flippen Goodness…. Thank you soooooooo much! I was starting to panic I had to calm myself down and do the Google search the thought of having to hand back my phone for repairs was too much to comprehend lol. Thank you again : )

  274. Jennifer

    Thank you so much….i thought i totally lost everything in there….almoost had a panic attack…

  275. TammyJ

    Thanks so much! I almost hurled my breakfast burrito when my screen wouldn’t come on. You saved a vacation and my stomach.

  276. jill

    I would have been up all night stressing over getting this phone fixed before my road trip. Thank you so very very much. It worked and now I can go snooze worry free.

  277. carpe diem

    I can’t say THANK YOU loudly enough!!! I thought my iphone 3g just died and was just getting ready to return it when I decided to look for an answer on the internet. THANK YOU!!!

  278. Gaurav

    hey thanks dude.. my i phone is back.. i am also facing another problem though .. i getr a message saying This accessory is not made to work with the i Phone… Would you like to turn on the airplane mode…
    any idea how to correct this problem..

  279. HeatherJ

    My iphone has been doing the black screen (total black screen), then yesterday it wouldn’t even come back after the reset. Thinking it didn’t charge overnight, I came home and put it on the charger, presto – my phone had charge, and it was alive again. I do have a lot of games and utilities on my phone, but this is a real pain to keep resetting… in between taking black screen photos – it’s all in the sequence. Does anyone have any feedback from Apple? I’m almost ready to restore to default and rebuild, but I don’t want to waste my time if it’s not gonna work. Thanks for the posts

  280. dpotta

    thanks so much… was just about to call o2 about this…

    so what causes the screen to blank out in the first place then?

  281. tareq

    my 3giphone is suck & its not working what should i do SOS pls
    i was dowloading some app & then i repooted my phone & since then it dosent want 2 work

  282. heather

    Please help!!
    I have a 3G white ipone 16GB thing!
    My phone screen went blank/black not sure why it just happened! so i tried to unlock it but every time i tried to unlock the screen it flashed plain white, tried to press the home and sleep/wake button and its still not working!! tried it for 10 second and 20 seconds and infact when i do this now it takes a photo!! My phone rings and makes a sound when i recieve a message!
    I restored my phone by connecting it to the computer it is still blank! when i connect to the computer now all it does is upload photos (the photos that are taken every time i try to restart the phone) of the front screen showing me who i have a txt from and a missed call from!
    Please help me im lost with out my phone!!! i cannot find any one else who has had this problem and not keen on going back to the O2 shop!!
    O and also i have no cover or screen on the phone! it is how it was the day i got it apart from the screen is blank i keep getting messages and phone calls and i cant do a thing about it!!
    i may in fact cry!! lol
    Please help me!!

  283. Thankful

    Seriously, I can’t thank you enough – I was all prepared to charge into my nearest Apple store and raise holy hell since I just got this phone less than 4 months ago. Now the real question is why isn’t Apple posting this solution – I found you via Google (‘iphone 3g blank screen). This makes me more nervous about updating to the new platform if Apple isn’t owning up to this bug!

  284. jenny

    my screen went blank on the iphone
    i cant across your page and followed what you said and working again

    really big thanks

  285. Ange

    Thanks a million I was totally freaking out and then after reading all these posts saw the apple logo and was breathing normally… only thing is my screen did not come up foe quite some time. but it is all good now and I am pleased as punch :)

  286. Karen^^

    Thank you very much, it really helps and what a wonderful and great help!!! Thanks, once again.

  287. kdubb

    DITTO! Thank you so much as I also almost freaked the freak out until google and your link made sweet sweet harmony together and now I can sleep peacefully and breathe.

    apple should put this in their user guide because obviously many people have had the same problem!!

    mucho luv!

  288. marie mawson

    thank you so much that was amazing advice, you are the best xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  289. Lesley

    thank you, thank you….screen went blank after I left in sun to long… thought I would have to replace. thanks for the great advice.

  290. Joe

    Thanks! We clicked this link because it said: DON’T PANIC… which is just what we started to do when we saw the black screen of death. Thanks, man!

  291. smooth

    thanks for the advice helped a lot i was about to buy a new phone tomorrow…u just saved me some money

  292. dawn

    “Thanks man you are greatest. I started freaking out when this thing went blank.”

  293. Kate

    Thank you soooo much! I was running the battery down when it happened to me. Got the screen with a flashing empty battery, plugged it in to charge, saw the red line appear on the battery, locked the screen and went to sleep. Then woke up this morning to it’s alarm going off (to wake me for work) but a blank screen.
    Now instead of spending my lunch hour at the O2 shop I can eat lunch instead!

  294. Sarah

    I am trying to access my email on my iphone but when I go to the email account and it starts downloading my email it takes me back to my home page before I can read the mail. Has anybody had the same problem??

  295. Kim

    Thank you so much, I thought was going to have to spend a lot of money to fix my phone. Your a genius.

  296. Jaro

    Thank goodness for the internet and for someone who is so kind enough to share the solution to this problem!! It happened to my phone in the middle of a charge. I wanted to make a call, so I pressed the home button expecting the password prompt, but the screen stayed black. Initially I thought maybe it just needs to be charged a little longer, so I waited. 20 minutes later I tried the home button again to no avail, then the power button, which made the screen go white. In desperation I pressed both multiple times, simultaneously, one after another, every combination I could think of, hoping for a miracle. It just alternated between black and white. I was ready to argue my case for a replacement with the AT&T rep who dropped my phone when he was setting it up for me. I really hope this won’t happen too often! Maybe I will go talk to him anyway, and find out if he knows anything about this. My phone heats up really quickly (within 15 mins of talk time), could be a overheat issue??

  297. Dann

    My iPhone is the old one and my screen is black ! I try you request to many times and nothing happens ! But the phone still recahrged and when I connect the iPhone in the computer I can see the evrything inside like pics and music so still working but in black screen and no sound

  298. nk

    Just bought the 3G and the screen goes black AFTER I answer the call. Can’t figure out where the ‘buttons’ are to end the call or put it on speaker. Have to trust the person on the other end to hang up first because the ‘end call’ button isn’t even visible! When the other person hangs up, the screen lights up for less than 1 second and goes black again. Help…please!

  299. Ellen

    OMG! I couldn;t believe my eyes when I saw the screen totally black and I couldn;t do anything! I tried to sync with itunes no sigh… nothing so I started looking on internet and found this website hee! Amazingg! Thank you sooo much for that!!!!!

  300. Sam

    Thanks, you save my life!!!! I was freaking out though at first!! But now hooray, everything back to normal!!!Thank a billion!

  301. R

    Black screen her to. I wrote you tips! And follow it, it was a white blink. Now I see the apple but nothing happens, why? How long time dosent take for it recover?

  302. R

    My Iphone 3G crash last night after installing one of Cydia application (MMS) Now I had a Black screen with the apple logo that start reebotting , appears the baterry without any charged and then the blacks screen with apple logo goes again and again. Does not start up. Can someone tell wTF is happenning, is there any way i can solve it??

  303. tori

    my phone still will not come on!! it stays blank but i can hear the txt and calls im getting plz help it still will not work after i tried ur advice sooo many times

  304. mom

    Hey thanksssss alot! im a busy mom and when i saw a black blank screen on my iphone i panicked! what a relief to know tech support sites like YOURS is out there! thanks for saving my day!

  305. Young Milo


  306. Jason

    Thanks alot for your help! im still curious to why this happpends in the first place?? anyway no worries its fixed nice one :).

  307. twan

    Me neither, still doesn’t work. I’ve got an iphone edge (3 years old) that went blank. It’s still vibrating when I charge it, it’s still regognized with itunes (and I even made a restore), but the screen stays blank … :(

    Help please …

  308. Nicole

    Thanks for the advice! I’ve only had my 3G phone for a couple of weeks and last night was the first time the battery drained out on me…so when I got the white screen of death I freaked! Until I found your wonderful advice & it worked. Thank you :)

  309. Lorraine

    Thank you, I was sure they were broken. It was happening on my husbands too. Figured it was something we were both doing, drove us mad, till I found you. Again thank you.

  310. laptop

    I have same problem with some people posted here: black screen, vibrate and incomming call still work, the camera work when I push 02 button…
    I try to follow your way several time: 5s, 6s, 8s, 9s, 10s… and even 5 minutes but the screen still black. I search Internet and found some more tips like detach skin cover, detach transperant screen protector, restore in FDU mode… all of that are not work with my case. :-( :-(

    So any people could help me please! Thanks!

  311. laptop

    Wow, when I started to think I lost my brand new Iphone 3G, I found a post how to fix, just very similar with your way, but small different:
    - Hold the Sleep button for 3 seconds
    - While you hold Sleep button, press Home button for 10 seconds.
    You will see the Apple and your Phone will back to you!
    Good luck!

  312. Leigh

    I love you. Thank you so much for helping me, I was FREAKING OUT and then I got pulled over by a cop and I have no home phone and you saved my life and very possibly my marriage.

  313. anastasios

    i have just purchased the new iphone 3g s from dubai. i suddenly observed the menu with icons is lost ? what is the solution

  314. Leigh Hoffman

    Thank you so so so much! I had just got my new iphone & downloaded heaps of new apps but couldnt use my phone at all. You have made my weekend as I was so upset!

  315. Claudio

    i know all you people are happy but mine still wont switch back on, it wont even connect to itunes its like its totally dead

  316. Denise

    Hi All, I have the 32 GB 3GS and it also goes blank when making a call can be a pain if you reach an answer phone and dont want to leave a message you cant cancel the call, due to no display.
    This reset isnt sorting the real problem out just the panic of clearing it
    any answers,

  317. Steve

    wow what a life saver. My phone had went dead. then i charged it up then it would just come up to a blank white screen. i followed the step and and it worked. thank you. cause my phone is only about a week old. its fine now but dang why did it happen?

  318. Ken

    I have that same problem! What the heck is up with this? I really think Apple needs to come out with a patch or something.

  319. Kylie

    Thank you sooooo much – not sure if this helps but mine happened when I plugged the battery charger in while it was on. Will not be doing that again!

  320. Cmk

    Yeah…. doesn't work ever time. This keeps happening to my iphone and the past few times it wouldn't even restart when pressing the restart buttons. I have never had so many problems with a phone and I am never getting another iphone again. The worst phone in the world.

  321. nick

    OMG Thank u soo much man i finally got my fucking life back after 2 days that rogers couldnt help me fix i cant explain how much this means to me thank u so much ;)

  322. Tino Gonzalez

    thanks man , like all the folks allready told you. a million of thanks , god bless you , you saved my night, i was so worried cause of that. thanks, thanks again .

  323. Lucy

    Just to also say thanks for posting – my go-to Apple expert (DH) is working away, great to be able to find such a quick fix!

  324. carla

    the screen on my iphone went blank. it wont charge. when i connect the usb to laptop, itunes always picks up the iphone and opens automatically. but itunes wont pick it up either. soooommmeeebbbooodddyyyy HHHEEEEEEELLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!

  325. Mara

    You are THE MAN…Thank you…thank you….. thank you, My ex-husband was about to pay US$400.00 to fix the black screen problem, and the problem is he is Brazil….I went look for help…and you helped me….God bless

  326. bhesh

    Fantastic, it fixed mine too. I spent about 2 hrs but it was fixed in 10 seconds when I read this in the internet.

  327. Okey Onuigbo.

    you're simply incredible. had a similar problem with my iphone in Nigeria. Was already thinking of sending it to the United States for repairs. You saved me a lot of inconvenience (and money. ) Thanks.

  328. Steve

    Wow! Thanks. Just happened to me on a business trip — worst possible time. Your instructions were perfect! I was sweating it big time. Can't thank you enough!

  329. jubin

    hello, i followed the simple step like 4 to 5 times and it works for couple of minutes and once it gets idle the screen turn black again after unlocking the phone. I have 3g 16gb, all the posts are read are really old. i dont know if you have different solution for the same problem. please help. please email me with your suggestions. thanks

  330. Atlanta

    I have had the same problem, recurring every time I use the phone for a week. The very first day I had this problem I went to the AppleStore in the mall to talk to their "Genius". He showed me the reset mentioned here, and how to power the system down for a reboot. (When you see the red slide for turnoing completely off). IT DOESN'T WORK. I get the same benefit from powering off three times (top button).

    He said, "It's probably just a software glitch, and you should reboot the system every day to clear it." Imagine my surprize after paying $300 to 'upgrade' from my older iPhone.

    I'm taking it back again today, and if they give me this crap and don't replace it you'll all see the news where an angry iPhone user implanted his new phone in a "Geniuses" head.

  331. Boby

    Thank you so much. My husband was panicking because all the numbers are recording in the iphone. You save his life.

  332. Nakida

    thank you thank you thank you!!! i felt sick for a second thinking my phone was broken. The first thing i did was flip it over to take out the battery…ummm was shocked to see there is NO BATTERY… i found this site and your directions fixed it-THANK YOU !!!!!

  333. sandy

    wow thank you for taking the time to post this info about the iphone. you are more help than the apple store. they make u make an appointment and it is usually booked and they r usually rude when u get there. it worked, thanks again, you saved me alot of time and unwanted stress. thanks

  334. jantezana


    iF your phone is blacking out, you should remove your screen protector or protective case from the phone. Removing this will allow the proximity sensor on your phone to function better. This applies to Iphone 3g, the proximity sensor is located right next the ear piece on the phone,,, it looks like small circle. Make sure that your screen protector or case is not blocking the proxmity sensor. Ever since i removed it. I have not recieved a black screen. PROBLEM SOLVED. I had to contact apple care in order to get this answer,,, i can't believe this answer is posted no where in there forums.

  335. atrain

    Thanks for your post man… I've just had my phone 2 months and this happened to me…. I found your post just in time…. I thought I was gonna have to smash this motherfucker!

  336. Nia Samuels

    Ok, i did that and my screen turned on and then it went completly blank again and all i could here was the voice over can you please help

  337. madhu

    thank u thank u thank u ever so much….i was in a very very high state of panic….OMG…thank u once again..!!


    HEY THANX ALOT MAN……my god damn Iphone just froze up on me….got into this big agrument with my girl she yelling telling me Im stressing over something I have no control over…..thanks you a life saver…..

  339. akhtar

    thanks brov for the help… didn't know where to return the phone to… but luckily the problem was sorted with ur help

  340. a1107

    Does anyone know how to fix my phone PLEASE ..i dropped it flat on its back, not even from a huge distance. it was in its case and it fell on wood.. so i honestly assumed nothing happened because it wasnt such a hard hit. ive dropped it a lot worse in the past. Butt when i looked at it my screen was messed up..now its either all black with a few lines running thru it vertically or all black with the few lines…i opened it up i realized one of the belts or cords or whatever you wanna call them was disconnected..is that what controls the screen?

  341. Ethan

    This also fixed a black screen where email header would come up but the body of the text would not show unless I "replied" and then it brought up the body of the original email. Strange, but really appreciate the tip!

  342. Katarina

    cuz this is the 5th time it happened in 3 days and all the other times it went back on by itself
    now i know what to do
    thanks again

  343. Raz

    This was amazing! thank you for solving this! I freaked out with the blank screen and you showed up #1 on a google search for the fix!


  344. Xerba

    Resetting is really the way to get it to work again. However, it has been happening with my iPhone few times a day. In case someone calls me, it rings normally for them but I cannot hear/feel a thing and after reseting I cannot see that I had a missed call. Now I have to check all the time my iPhone during the day to check if it is working or not. Does someone know how to solve this problem ? Have to change the display ?

  345. Queen

    Wowzers! That was so scary! Thanks so much for this! I though I was going to have to spend my lunch break at the AT&T store! THANK YOU!

  346. demoleesher

    Thanks for such a simple and life saving info..has anybody bought this to apple's notice if yes how did they respond?

  347. very paniced mark

    I never take much notice of these sites but it well worth it thanks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fewwwww!!!

  348. thigdon

    There is a common denominator….most of us have been using for a round a month…..what do you make of that???

  349. stephanie

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  351. Crcl721

    OMG!!! Thank you sooo Much!! –this just happened to me as well–and the only place that will do repairs on the iphone is abt 30 mins away!!!! —

  352. Rocco

    There may be another explanation btw guys….. I think its something to do with the light sensor – ou know when you put the phone to your face, the screen goes off – so when your screen goes blank, before resetting, try cleaning the screen and then put your hand over it ie so that no light is getting to the sensor – when you pull it away and press the home button it should work…. it seems to be working for me at the moment!

  353. Khalid

    my iphone 3gs new 10 days ago and it was connected to itune when i hold the phone i found it very hot i anplug it and i whit tell it become coold i try to put it on it not work . i plug it to AC adaptor to charge it the chrging signal apper i lift it when i try to swich on it not work i try to reset it by holding power and home for 10 sec is not resting i connect it to the pc the pc dos't see it
    any one can help

  354. Terry M

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  355. Emily

    You have literally saved my life! Thank you so much for posting your solution to this widespread problem. I didn't know it was happening to other people too!
    Wonder why that is…?

  356. Tom

    Thanks, this helped out….I got my phone through work, and figured I was going to have to deal with shipping the thing back and waiting a week. I appreciate the help!!!!

  357. Martin

    Hi, there is one more reason of black display – try to connect iPhone to iTunes and check configuration of Universal Access :-)

  358. Nick

    ITs with the auto-lock … if you keep your auto-lock as never the screen will never go blank. But then you battery will die pretty fast. The fix that you said is not a permanent fix , because everytiime the phone gets blank we have to reset the phone.

  359. Savi3

    Thanks a lot. I did hold both the keys but for like 2-3 secs. It was still blank. After reading your fix to press the keys for
    10 Secs, it worked fine.
    thanks again

  360. Mike

    I took out my sim card to replace it with another, turned on the iphone 3Gs and now my display seems to be magnified and am not able to change the display view to the normal size. I have reset a few times and still not getting the normal display viewing. Any suggestions?

  361. Xuan

    Thank you so much, I was so panic when iphone turned to blank and didn’t know what to do.. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!

  362. Anth

    Bro that was fully sick advise!! i was going to abuse my phone dealer tomorrow as i have only had the phone for 2 weeks, but thanks to blogs and google, you saved me alot of time and effort :)

  363. Tom

    Thank you. At first I hought it wasn’t going to work. I tried that myself but must not have held it long enought. I actually had to hold them both down for about 20 seconds for it to work.

    I was just about to crash myself so thank you for this fix.

  364. Denise

    What a life saver you are! My screen went blank this morning after a phone call. I was very angry. I seached the internet for “iPhone Black Screen” and yours was the first link I visited. I followed your instructions and everything came out just as you wrote. THANKS AGAIN

  365. Denise

    Perfect! Blank screened just happened this morning. After searching the web for “iphone black screen”, this site was the first. I followed instructions and everything happened just as was written.

  366. Ryan

    You are a life saver! My iPhone 3G’s warranty just expired last week and then the black screen showed up this morning. A thousand thanks!

  367. Romeo Butler

    After reading all the thank yous from all the people you help I thought I might try asking you to solve my problem. I accidentally dropped my iphone and screen is white. itunes recognises it and still recieving messages. what can I do?

  368. mauricio

    i installed i home, to my iphone 3 g, and really don´t like how it looks, y deleted all the cydia apps i needed to, but now whenever i enter an app, old the blank docks and the pages continuing appearing, i don´t know how to erase it or back to normal, its jailbroken,

  369. Lynsey

    OMG What a complete star u are!!! i cant live without my phone and was going mad! I thought it was broken and was dreading the costs and time spent having it fixed! i am soooo happy!! thank you so much!!! whoopieee!!!

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    Thank you so much. You saved me the headache of having to deal with customer service plus its 140 am and I was freaking out. Thank you so much!

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  372. graham

    cheers your a life saver i thought it packed in i really did i dunno y it did it i was on facebook on it and it went blank it worked thankz it took a while to load up when the apple symbol came up buts it ok now i hope it seems to be cheers

  373. juju

    You are a life saver. I was ready to go spend an hour or more consulting customer service and getting frustrating over their incompetence. I’m just so relieved I found your post first.
    Be bless!!

  374. MarBars

    Omg it happened to me during 7th period at school and every body else with iphones didn’t know what to do cause it hasn’t happened to them….Thanks a Mill…. :D

  375. Gary Bichell

    I just had to leave a comment and say I LOVE YOU i been ready to smash this phone for an hour now was just about to restore my phone but couldnt get it to come up in itunes to do so. Found this searching on GOOGLE what a life saver.

  376. Ru

    this problem started for me a few days ago. just occasionally, thankfully.

    the reset trick *does work*, but it’s a pain if you loose what you were doing halfway through. I’ve found that i can sometimes bring it back to life without resetting, by waiting 10 seconds or so for it to go back to “sleep” (hard to tell what’s really happening with the screen blank) and trying again. so far, it usually works after 2 or 3 tries.


  377. Rodney Grant

    Thank You very much, my heart just stopped. Only had my 3gs for a week , your instructions worked. My heart is still racing

  378. B.eazy

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    Worked first time. THANKS!

    It’s really great when someone uses the internet properly for useful information that helps others for free. I’m sure three are pay sites out there asking for money to give out the same info. SCUM.

  380. LJ

    Thank you, so very much. I almost had a heart attack when the screen went blank and the phone display wouldn’t come back. You solution worked perfectly…

  381. Jexy

    Mate, I’ve never reponded to any forum ever but you sir, are a GOD!!!! I’ve only had the phone two weeks and was bloody upset when it happened. I’ve spent the last three days without a phone an was going insane. I went to this page first and 30 seconds later I had my phone and sanity back. Extremely grateful. Well done sir, well done!!!

  382. Emma

    Thank you so much. I never write on forums or anything but felt I needed to thank you for this one. And also Google!! What did people do before google?!

  383. tp

    thank you soooooooooooo much, i was feeling ill thinking about how much information i had lost and your quick fix has relieved me no end. thank you again…..

  384. Michelle

    Thank you!
    My screen went black this morning & I was beginning to wonder whether my right arm was in actual fact missing!!!
    Worked a treat though but be patient when it comes to the apple logo….it comes eventually!!

    Thanks again

  385. Emsy

    Wow, that is amazing! When I read “reset your phone” I was gutted at the thought of losing all of my pictures and messages. But this worked like an absolute charm, and nothing at all seems to have disappeared at all.

    Thanks so much! I can go to bed happy now!

  386. Michael

    Absolutely genius!

    To the lady that is still struggling, I was too until some told me I needed to hold down ‘both’ buttons. The one at the top and also the one at the bottom of your handset that you normally use to get back to the main screen.

  387. fr3d

    Om my dear lord, I almost had a heart attack, thanks for being the first hit on Google and for saving my night!

  388. Charlie

    Thank you so much for this!! I tried it and it worked straight away. I called Apple and they said it’s all to do with the power saving mode – basically if it senses it’s next to your ear (during a call) it will switch off the screen. So if you have anything touching it – like if you’ve left the screen protector on, or it’s been in a really constrictive case, it can switch itself off, but a reset sorts it. Thank you again for this helpful site! x

  389. Ellie

    Hiya!! i only had this problem on my email screen but i tried it and iot worked the same thanks soooooooooooo much!!!

  390. Pamela

    THANK YOU! I’ve only had my phone a week and my white screen scared me! Plus I have no landline, so thank god for the internet. The AT&T site was no help.

  391. Tyson

    Can’t thank you enough man….did the same as most folks here, googled iphone email black screen and voila!

  392. awesome!

    Thank you so much! I freaked out when my phone wouldn’t respond to anything! I pushed the two buttons like you said and everything is working again…thanks again~!

  393. Annaa!!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH…. i have never so paniced in my life i thought that was my social life gone! haha… sad i know.. but thank you again :) xxx

  394. SWTerry

    Thanks – my battery completely discharged (maybe another problem there…). I’ve had it plugged in for 5 minutes with no life, but your reset maneuver brought up a screen (battery charger) finally! I thought the thing was done for! Thanks again….and you’re right; based on all these thankful people, and the 1000 hits/day, Apple does have a problem. Android….:-)

  395. Rico

    I think my problem has something to do with the newest update. Ever since the update a few months back, if I press the Home button even just to look at the time, and let it go black and then come back to it 30 seconds later…It won’t come on and I have to do the reset. I never had this problem prior to that update. I see we all all know how to reset the phone, but when will iPhone come out with a fix for it?

  396. Amna

    this helped me the first time… but now my phone turned off shows it has no battery pluged the charger in and its not charging still its not cumin on what do i do…

  397. Hannah

    Amazing thank you so much, you are indeed an total life saver; I bought my phone a few weeks ago but major issues caused me to leave it in the drawer for a while, I came back to it and hey ho it was BLANK. I followed your instructions and all came back to life. Thank you thank you

  398. Henrik

    Thank you! I was feeling really sick in my stomach when I couldn’t get my Iphone to work, but your tip worked!

  399. Adele

    YOU ARE A LIFESAVER!! oh my god, this is amazing. thank you so much.
    My phone was useless i thought and was without it all night. but thanx to your great tips, its much appreciated. =)

  400. Becky

    Thank you sooooooo much!! It was only my email screen that went blank and I couldn’t work out what the hell was going on, only had my phone for 10 days!! Did what you said and hey presto, its working fine now. Who needs apple support when you have google and richardbaxterseo! THANKS :)

  401. Bill

    Thanks so much! You really saved the day. It is tragic how much of my work and personal life depends on my phone.

  402. Kralla

    I have a blackscreen on my iphone, and the reset/restore does not work! Tryed holding pwr, and home button down for 2min, nothing happens. Is there another way to restore it?

  403. Charisma

    Thank you – it worked. This is the 2nd time I faced this problem. The first time I had to let the battery die away, recharged it and then it worked. Thank you so much. This is awesome.

  404. Emil

    Hello, i thought this would fix my problem, but it doesent. Whenever the apple-logo dissappears, the screen goes back to normal, for like one second. Then its going to blank again. Any help?

  405. Jana

    So upset about the blackscreen! When I touched different parts of the screen I would feel the vibrate or I would hear the camera clicking but could see nothing! This is awesome. Saved the day yay!

  406. e

    um, wow. thanks. i don’t know who you are, but i want to have your baby. let me go see if there’s an app for that!

  407. Maarten van Nispen

    Dear Richard,

    I did panic after my Iphone fell in the sink and would only show a blanc screen for several hours. It ruined my evening at a party and I was so glad when I came home, found your solution and now it works again. Thanks, on behalf of my wife, too!

  408. David

    What a relief. Thank God I thought of googling the problem. Even more amazing was that I was on the East Coast service from Aberdeen to London and the wifi was working!

  409. Amanda

    Thanks buddy!!! my god u saved my life! my phone is my alarm and ive stupidly given away all my old phones so no back up!!!!! i am sooooooooooo grateful!!! i started to panic cos got my 3gs from orange and didnt even btoher to call them this late on a sunday night!!! you’ve saved me so i can wake up tomorrow for work!!!!
    legend!!! x

  410. awang

    Hi guys,
    Need your help please!!

    I have my Iphone 3gs. I couldn’t find internet tethering menu some how. What I did, I reset all setting many times and it keep the same. lastly, I back up to Itunes, and I did erase and reset. All data gone. sadly, only apple logo comes up for 2 days already and this beautiful gadget dying. Any suggestion?

    Thanks mate

  411. Trina

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! I was freaking out!!!! Thanks for the help. I’m glad there is a site I can go to for help, and boy did i need it!

  412. Leah

    Thanks but it didn’t work for me. i can’t hear any calls coming in either like you said on the description, so i guess off to the iphone doctor to spend another $300 fixing this godforsaken phone that i love to pieces!

  413. Mariano

    Thank God for you and this site. I have spent the last 4 hours trying to download backup and reset my phone to no avail. I was just abou to give up when I found your site.

    Thanks once again.

  414. MareeVee

    You were right all the way.
    Even down to the sigh of relief!

  415. viorica

    thank you thank you thank you SO much for this info. My screen blacking out on me happens at least once a day and it’s nothing less than TORMENTING! It has definitely tainted my relationship with my iPhone.

  416. Sean Bonner

    Dude you are a legend! My Screen was just white…..Nothing else! All since my battery went flat!! Ive just tried your reboot and ta da!!! Well done!!!

  417. max

    still wont work!! was playing an application then screen just went black, but the screen lights up, did try to reset it but nothing has happend, not even the apple sign will come up. help me please!!!!

  418. Ashley

    Please help…. i have iphone 3gs and have only had it 4 days and the screen froze up so I shut it off as the tech support told me to do and when I went to turn it back on it went to a black screen with a white apple and it will stay on there for a few minutes then go black and when I try to turn it back on it happens again. I don’t know how to fix it I tried what you said and it won’t work. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  419. Rebecca

    Thanks…you are a star…it worked exactly as you said…..I was flipping out a bit thinking my iphone 3G was now a wreck! Thanks

  420. Shannon

    Thanks so much!!! I bought a referb in June, and I thought I was just going to replace the phone!!!

    =) Shannon

  421. Ray

    Thanks a ton !!! This worked like a charm. Saved me a trip to the phone store, and also saved me from looking like a idiot while there. Thanks again !!!

  422. Stef

    Few, thanks for the tip. Pretty weird though that it suddenly blanked out without any warning.
    We are really so dependent on these silly gizmos…sad really

  423. Dan R

    You are Brilliant, nearly cried like a baby when mime when blank this evening, nothing worked and itunes didn’t even recognise it when i plugged it in. just did the 10 second thing and on the 10th second all came alive again. Many thanks you made my day!

  424. katelin

    oh my freakin god!!! thank you soooooooo much, i was just about to cry when i found your post! did the trick on my new 3gs, THANK YOU!!!!! :D

  425. Donna

    Thank you , thank you……I just spent an hour trying to fix my phone and finally found your link. I have had my 2g phone for months and this is first time a blank screen has happened. Thanks to you I can go to bed a sleep tonight.

  426. Shannon

    Thank you for that fix!! I’m still VERY SERIOUSLY considering going back to my Blackberry. I NEVER had any kind of glitchy errors like this with my Curve. In any case, THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH for posting this. I was in panic mode!

  427. losers2000

    Oh my word you have made me excruciatingly happy. I always use the calculator to work out mathematical equations and i use physics apps too but the screen turned black. I just did this and it worked! Thank you, my algabraec friend!

  428. Trish

    HOLY HEART ATTACK! I almost lost it! It just randomly went blank while I was looking up apps. PANIC as like many, this phone is also home phone as well! So cant call anyone without it!

    Brand new phone, so was freakin’!

    Thank You!

  429. Anthony

    I LOOSE all control with my phone it will no shut off or come on ,it just stay in a cancel mode to the bottom and a slide to power of at the top,what can i so to fix this

  430. Vari

    Thanks so much for your help!!! I was worried when my phone went blank yesterday. Does anyone know why it happens? Does resetting the phone damage any settings?

    Thanks again!

  431. MICH

    Phone went black screen and I pressed the wake button to try this out and nothing, it is still black…Help! just got this phone about 3 weeks ago :(

  432. amanda

    thanks v much – like everyone else panicked when it wouldn’t turn on.
    I was stuck in London trying to get home with no communications available to me.
    I did initially think my battery had gone or it had gone cold but when i connected it to battery charger it still didn’t come to life. One thing I’ve learnt is to always google probs first!!!!! And I only upgraded 11 days ago.

  433. Scuffman

    You’re a legend!
    I’ve only had my 3Gs for less than 24hrs & got the black screen. Your fix worked like a treat. Thanks heaps & Merry Christmas :-)

  434. zamq1

    it worked fine for me.. thanks for this information, helped a lot, no need to go to att store to fix this issue

  435. jimmy

    Help please….
    My Iphone 3Gs stay blank (black) screen it’s can’t fix with pressing the home and power for 10 second or longer. and not make any sound.
    Even I tunes can’t recognize it. It’s likes dead don’t show any lives.
    I try to brought it to apple store and they say the battery show normal (hot when charged) and no water damaged sign (do not have a red/orange mark on the corner).
    Any way I can fixed it?
    Help please.

  436. Michael

    Hi there I had the same problem as Jimmy. Christmas day filming the destruction of the Santa Pinyata and my iphone screen went blank, nothing happened with charging and tried the 10 second hold, but still no response. Any other clues, I tried to find a shop open today but just had to settle for a Cappuccino.

  437. Michael

    Hi again
    maybe my charger had died, but after trying the re-set thing about 5 times my phone came up with a dead battery symbol. So after charging with my sons charger I am up and running again. One of the wires on my charger must have come astray. Thanks again for your help with the re-set.

    I am really pleased not to have lost all my recent photos etc. Happy new year to you, from Michael (NSW Australia)

  438. Xyra

    So happy as I got my iphone 3gs as xmas gift from my hubby. In less than 2 days without any sign, my phone went blank and even if we pressed the wake button, nothing happened, it is still black… Good thing, u have this site. Thanks for the big help saving my iphone and saving our marriage too.. ;-)

  439. chas

    Hi Richard,

    It works, without fuss or ado.

    A great method of name squeezing iPhone/Mac owners, i hope you make full use of it.


  440. Jacqui D

    Thank you so much… worked like a charm! After dropping a phone in a toilet last month while cleaning the house, I was dreading buying yet another phone! So glad you posted this solution!

  441. debbie a

    My Iphone 3Gs stay blank (black) screen it’s can’t fix with pressing the home and power for 10 second or longer. and not make any sound.
    Even I tunes can’t recognize it. It’s likes dead don’t show any lives.
    I try to brought it to apple store and they say the battery show normal (hot when charged) and no water damaged sign (do not have a red/orange mark on the corner).
    Any way I can fixed it?
    Help please.

  442. donna


  443. Carol

    Thanks so much for sharing this information – I was panicked until trying your suggestion. At first a red slider, that was totally inoperable, showed up. But then I tried your suggestion again, this time with more patience, and eventually the apple appeared, and then, after another wait, my usual screen saver came up with an operable opening slider. Now we’re “back in business”. Again, many thanks.

  444. steve

    My IPhone went blank today at work . I didn’t drop it or anything . I tried several times holding the front button then the power button . I tried charging it . I hooked it to ITunes . Nothing !!! I have the extended warranty . I was getting reading to send it in when I found this post ,,,,, Worked perfectly ,,, Thanks

  445. vicky touron

    mine went black about half an hour ago and i have tried this but it hasnt worked!…i can phone it and form the one i am using to phone from it rings but nothing form my iphone!!!….is mine buggered!!:O(

  446. mandy welsh

    omg i almost died lol , thanks for the excellnt advise , worked a treat , never had such a big sigh ov relielf :o)

  447. Andrea

    Can you guys help. My iphone display has enlarged to a huge size and I can’t work out how to fix it – the display is 8 x the normal size. Please help!

  448. john

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i was going to kill myself after break my iphone with less than a week of use.

  449. kevin

    I FREAKING LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS MANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN/WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i replaced parts on the fone and i thought i messed up my fone, tried everything and i saw this site!!!! :D :D :D

  450. Pete

    Have a jailbroken 2G iPhone, had the blank screen and was scared it was doomed/bricked….did the manual reset worked and didn’t brick anything!

    God Bless.

  451. Wardie

    OMG thank you so much I have been having a panic attack you don’t realize how much you rely on the thing until it dies on you thank you :-)

  452. violet

    my God, my mom bought me that phone and i was scareed to death that i couldnt get it back together….. ive lost two previous phones and my reputation was on the line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you so mush! you saved my life.

  453. tony block

    dude thankyou so much man i am freakin crazy right now…it worked after a couple of seconds,and i went to bed @ 4:00am tryin to fix it..thanks so much man..you are the best!!

  454. kelle

    thank you-thank you-thank you!!!!!!! I was getting ready to freak out…well actually, i was freaking out, but your’s was the first Google hit and everthing is fine. THANKS AGAIN!!!

  455. Mark

    Yet another satisfied reader. You were top of the google list for “iphone problem blank”.

    I remember a similar problem I had previously with my Palm Treo which needed resetting. I suppose the manufacturers don’t want to publicise what to do when they go wrong in case it makes people doubt the reliability of the product.

  456. dimitris

    im so happy!! thanks so much – an extra thing to add for anyone that is worried is that you dont lose any of your stuff – thank god!

  457. Greg

    Wasn’t worried, I know apple rocks! and then their’s people like you who kick ass helping other. Thanx

  458. Hameed

    My iPhone 3G’s screen went blank today, when I first called it, I could hear the ring but after I tried this, it doesn’t respond at all. When I call it it just says it’s unavailable, OMG HELP ! My warranty just ended last month :O

  459. kevin

    Thank you so much. I though my phone was gone. I was going to take it in tomorrow. But now it works thanks to you.

  460. Scott Daniels

    Thanks for that tip. Ive been pulling my hair out all morning trying to figure this out. And it works great. Thanks again.

    FF S. Daniels

  461. Dee

    As so many people have saud thanks so so much. My phone was just hooked up to my computer charging and then it died, texts were coming thru, I somehow took a picture but nothing would get the scren back on. I typed in iphone blank screen and this was the first site that came up and it worked like a dream so thanks again x

  462. Jeremy

    I totally flipped out when this happen. But, after reading this post and trying your advice it went back to normal. Thank you so much.

  463. alpin

    Thanks for your help. I LOVE my iphone and was afraid that I would lose my personal information. Thanks again.


  464. Maunder

    Thank you so much for these instructions xD

    I have only had my shiny new iPhone 3GS for about two weeks and I was mighty miffed when it did this! Thought I would have to be bringing it in to the shop already. Good thing I got that AppleCare plan >_>

    Hope they release a software fix or something soon.

    Thanks again!

  465. selina

    Hi all can anyone help? my daughter has pressed something n made everything on my iphone screen massive, i cant use it now.. please help!!!!

  466. Janis Kramer

    You guys are a life saver – worked the first time and was quicker than waiting for my IT dept! I can now resume normal breathing:) THANK YOU!

  467. Pania Gray

    OMG…how cool are you?? Was having serious heart palpitations when my screen went black!! Found this tip and was so glad when it worked. Thanks heaps :-).

  468. Liv T

    Thank you so much! I looked through the apple website but couldn’t find anything about a blank screen, you da best!

  469. rick reeves


    My iPhone screen went blank and when I googled a solution, you came along. Thank you so much for saving my weekend. I was recently part of a massive radio job lay off and the phone is my connection to a job. Thank you SO much for taking the time to be there with the solution. It is greatly appreciated.


  470. Aaron

    I have had a couple of blanks with no noise or response but after leaving iphone alone for a while and plugging it in it started up at min power so i think my batterie reader is giving false info !!!!!! IM HOPING

  471. izzy

    Hi I have tried to do what you have said but it doesnt seem to be doing anything. The battery was on full charge this morn and normally only decreases about 40% in the day when at work. I havent yet plugged it into my charger at home but have tried with a someones at work and it did not come on. Will this be a fault I have to get the shop to sort out and will this be on going? I wont be happy if I can not rely on this phone as I do a lot of motorway driving and my car broke down fairly recently!

  472. Aaron

    Got a new iphone off apple today fingers crossed no more problems
    The phone has become so important now
    What did we do without and nowwww they say theres a new I~Tablet coming out

    Where will it end ( Beam me up Scottie )

  473. mike

    filled in a 10 page form in the uk and submitted it to APPLE to be told no call back as your not in the US or Canada ! oh joy!!!! (not) just had my phone replaced by apple 2hrs ago in milton keynes store and screen went black and blank with no help out of hrs
    thanks to your site its now back on again
    Apple you suck and your support is worthless

  474. Nmmitha

    Hey i am having same kind of problem but the story is little different, yesterday my screen became zoom out, and i got very much worried for it .. by trying to fix this problem, i actually have gone into General- Rest- and clicked on rest all settings…. firstly it showed me apple icon in middle with uploading bar… and then suddenly my screen got black… i have restarted my iphone again and again but after icon of apple in the middle, black screen comes in…. i have connected my iphone with my PC it is showing its serial number, and my songs, video even my photos… but yet i cant see home page.. what is wrong with my iphone…..

  475. Nmmitha

    hello adding to my previous comment on my problem.. i want to add that even if i dial number from another phone, i can hear ring tone.. but my iphone doesnot show any call coming due to same black screen problem…. even it doesnt play any sound of any call coming on my iphone… it means my phone is okay.. but its only a issue of black screen which is not allowing me to do any thing…
    also within few minutes it get restart it self and shows me same apple icon again…. … but i can see my photos on my pc when i connect my phone from USB.. woow…. what a prpblem… please some body fix it

  476. katherine

    Thank you !!!!! I was taking a picture, put my phone away and came back to
    the black screen – i googled, and found this post…. What a relief – thank you!

  477. John

    i tried that and my iphone still not working liek i hooked it up to my computer and and after that it doesnt work at all ! the screen is on but its all black and i can only see stuff when i turn up the volume and when my alarm goes off in the morning . if you know anything bout this please send me something . thanks for your help and time

  478. tilly

    hey, so my iphone works, but all of a sudden there is no light to it. And i have turned it on and off, as well as reseting it several times and changed the brightness settings several times. What can i do to fix this please?

  479. Gert

    Thank you SOOOO MUCH!! I have had my iPhone 3Gs for 2 days and finished a call and it black screened on me.. I have been treating it like a baby and it’s still got the plastic on it.. I nearly died until I read you post.. Thank you so much for sharing, you saved me having a heart attack! :)

  480. BrianS

    My iPhone dropped on a tile floor today and the screen went black. I can hear calls, emails and text messages coming in but nothing shows up on the screen. I’ve done the usual hard reset (pushing down the power & menu buttons together for 10 sec.) about 10 times now, but all it did was turn off the phone… not bring the screen back. I’ve also got it plugged into the charger and tried getting it to wake up without luck. Help!

  481. annie

    my iphone screen went completely black! when it usually does this i reset it n it works fine agaiin but this time it still rings n does everything normally except screen is blackk..it won’t let me restore…what can i do?

  482. bob

    Thanks for the tip.
    reading mail, my screen turned black.
    Following your suggestions, it was solved in a minute.

  483. Nawal

    thanks for your help, but my problem not solved after restart because i activate the voise over and i have a password , so when the Apple Logo appear then for one second it show the the key then it become black again :( , so please help me how i can enter the password and remove the voise over???

  484. Vivian

    omg thanks! i have this problem a lot and this is the first time i searched it and you’re absolutely right..why does it even do that!?