Introducing SEOgadget for Excel


For the longest time I’ve loved working with Excel in new ways. Our plugins for Excel have been hugely popular in the SEO community and today I’m hopeful you’ll love the next generation of our Excel Extensions, SEOgadget for Excel.

Get the Brand New Downloadable PDF Guide

There are lots of headlines for features, the main thing being a particularly handy new guide to everything the extension can do. That particular element of our tool has been a long time coming – basically, if you weren’t a member of my team (or, me), there were a lot of undocumented functions. That’s been resolved now with this PDF guide. Enjoy!

Super Easy Installation

The new plugin plays nice with the old one, replacing it seamlessly. If you have any legacy spreadsheets, they’ll need a little tweek – we’ve renamed =SEOmoz() to =Moz(). Hope that doesn’t hurt too many of you!

Download SEOgadget for Excel by visiting the Tools Page.


Keyword Research with SEMrush and Grepwords

You can now do keyword research again with the Grepwords API. Grepwords is US Adwords and Global search volume data and a nice keyword suggest feature. Because the UK and the rest of the world has to wait until Grepwords launches their new international indices, we’ve also included SEMrush (with at least ~4 API calls out of the full suite) – including search volume data and organic ranking data by keyword.

SEMrush have been really cool having given us a special low cost API credit account for our users, priced at $59.95/month which comes with 700,000 API units – to open an account, head to - We’ll be developing the number of functions available via SEMrush in the coming months. Very exciting.

Majestic SEO API to Full Power

We have a fuller, much more complete Majestic API suite. Majestic is easily the best links API on the market. It’s quick, reliable and easy to use. Learn it. With a fast internet connection and plenty of free memory, 20,000 lines of data is possible in the GetBackLinkData API call. Majestic is BY FAR the most reliable, fastest and complete API for links data – it’s embedded in our agency software (currently in Alpha) and it powers pretty much everything we do here.

We’ve got some amazing API calls in there – take a look.

Better Helpers for Creating Manageable Data Tables and Pivot Charts

One of the more important features is the _toRange “helper” function. You can now run a query that will write its output data to a table of your choice – making pivot tables really easy. You should be able to retro fit your links audit templates, reporting documents and whatever else you send your clients or in-house colleagues in no time.

Adding aHrefs into the Mix

We really like aHrefs, too. All of the aHrefs API calls are supported and again, they’re fast and very powerful.

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Here’s the slightly weirdly skewed Slideshare version of the instruction manual – take a quick peek or download the full file and get started!

Happy analysing!

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  1. Richard

    Hi Joe – I’m really sorry but this is a pc only extension. It uses ExcelDNA, the plugin that our code runs on which isn’t supported by Mac Excel.

  2. Andy


    Hopefully a simple question, but (using ahrefs data if that makes a difference), how do I get the data to update/refresh once in?


  3. Richard Baxter Post author

    Hi Andy, if you modify the query in any way it’ll automatically re-request the api call.

    I realise you’ve just found a missing function – for some reason there’s no =ahrefs_clearapicache() command. I’ll sort that asap.

    Caching can be disabled in the ahrefs query in argument 7 by setting TRUE as the value (test / play with that, I really never use it!) here’s the full arg list:

    In the meantime, data > refresh should work, or, ahem, restarting Excel. each of the other functions has a clear API cache command eg: =MajesticClearAPICache()

  4. Alex

    Hi Richard,

    Thanks a lot for such a great tool. Could you give me the query that allows to get keywords for an URL from SemRush. I didn’t find it in your pdf user guide.

  5. Andy

    Awesome, thanks Richard. With hindsight I guess there isn’t a need to update data on the fly anyway as it’s just daily checks.
    Right, I’m off to build a dashboard!

  6. Joe Robison

    Still having trouble setting up on a PC as well. The older version worked fine, but I’ve since deleted the old version to install this one. I enter the MOZ API credentials, save, install add-in, and I get nothing. I restarted Excel and got an “seogadget – Log Display” pop up saying “There were errors when compiling project”