Google Testing URLs Under Titles in SERPS

I love it when we catch Google testing new stuff – Dan just caught this latest test in Google’s search results, also caught a few weeks back at Blogstorm:

Another google test

Google appear to have moved the URL for the search result underneath the title element of the search result. As it happens, it’s the ranking URL on display – when I got the heads up on this, I’d almost expected the exact match name test to be included, too.

Here’s a screen shot for “used cars

used cars


Finally, here’s what a rich snippets result looks like:



  1. Track Jumper

    This is probably an attempt to increase Adwords clicks.

    Oh and it was Matthew Jacksionary at Branded3 that spotted this one, not Blogstorm this time ;)

  2. matt storms

    I wonder how long till they make AdWords and organic results look exactly the same so the Google can pull in 6 billion a year from AdWords?