A Peek Inside Our Beautiful New Offices [Codename: GadgetPlex V3]

To say I’ve been feeling a little busy lately would be a serious understatement. Our agency is growing up fast, not just growing, growing up. I’m *so* proud of our latest leap forward, a move in to an office that will support another 150% growth over the next 18 months. I won’t bore you with the details of our new network, awesome new internet connection, always filled drinks fridge, free food, or any of that – I’ll just wait until you decide you want to come and work with my team, and we’ll talk to you about our company then…

I just want to thank Jessica, Dan, Hannah, Mary, Andy and Tim for giving up their weekends to put up with my near OCD level of detail requirements and for making this thing happen. Finally, @SEOgadget team, so damn proud of you right now, thank you.

Empty desks, waiting for our new Gadgeteers to join…

The board controls all – if a project is not up on the board, it does not exist…

My view, note the old Google Mousemat. It’s a thing I have.

Hannah’s working with Fabian on some seriously hardcore new CRO techniques – and looking rather pleased with themselves…

Thinking. Good.

A view from Jess’s desk (our super awesome Office Manager / EA) – that bank of desks should be full within 3 months.

Photo credit: Tim Arnold


A Peek Inside Our Beautiful New Offices [Codename: GadgetPlex V3], 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings


  1. Jeff Hampshaw

    Far too clinical and looks like a bit of a production line. Sorry, but no personality has been put into this office at all.


    Good luck for the future though.

  2. Lee

    Very nice! Loving the dual monitors. A little bit envious!

    The new offices almost make me wanna send in my CV haha.


  3. Gus

    Where’s the fridge with beer????

    Just kidding… your offices look awesome. Looking forward to see them in person in the future!