Let’s Design Your Content Strategy

Let’s Design Your Content Strategy

Let’s Design Your Content Strategy

What's the conversation around your brand? How large is your community? Do you even have one yet? Who likes you? Who, doesn't? What can you do to grow your community, create brand ambassadors, build your followers, your fans and your blog subscribers? What content do they want to consume, and where should it be found? What's your content strategy?

Let us design you a plan and help you execute with our content marketing capabilities.

An example of our work

One of our travel industry clients recently asked us to help them understand where their target market could be found, and what content that audience were sharing. The report helped them see which social networks were most popular in "family travel" and which websites were most frequently shared on Twitter by that particular market segment. From the data, we constructed a content strategy and helped the organisation create a business case for a more complete approach to audience building. During our study, we identified what their main competitors were doing (or not, in this particular case), and provided a wealth of content categories and ideas for their content team to execute. The result? A 378% increase in high converting long tail traffic over 12 months.

Because we're a very data orientated organisation, the research we carried out complimented the activities of many areas of the business. For example, our "popular domains" data allowed their in house SEO team to construct a more targeted outreach strategy to promote the content SEOgadget was creating.

Integrating social into your website

Communities such as Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter and Linkedin offer API interfaces on which web developers can build their own services. The same APIs can be integrated with websites to greatly enhance the existing features for users, adding completion to a thorough content strategy. Our recommendations include on-page feature suggestions, making your proposition online more unique, useful and compelling to new visitors. SEOgadget helps companies understand what technologies are available to them, and how those technologies can be integrated and used to amplify your target audience and make your website user experience truly unique.

Search Engine Optimisation

The Future of Digital Marketing

The future of digital marketing is not SEO alone. Savvy marketeers understand the importance of embracing technology opportunities offered by social media services, their APIs and new disciplines such as Gamification, and are keen to learn how their businesses can exploit them.

SEOgadget helps startups and established companies understand how they can differentiate their on-line product, and how they can innovate in their market.

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  • rob-telegraph

    Rob Sheppard

    Rob Sheppard - Product Manager

    “The SEOgadget team have been integral to the recent platform migration and relaunch of Telegraph Jobs.  They give us straightforward, practical advice that makes a immediate difference to our business, as well as the advanced, technical SEO guidance that underpins all their work.

    They understand the sector we work in and provide a great sounding board for all our questions. The results so far have been great and we look forward to working through our SEO to-do list with them in 2013!”

  • adam-design55

    Adam Watson

    Adam Watson – Managing Director at Design 55

    “They’re a great team to work with, great communication and most importantly they deliver great results to help grow our sales. I’ve learned quite a lot from SEOgadget and it’s exciting to know that we’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg.”

We work with the biggest brands

We work with the biggest brands

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Why choose SEOgadget?

SEOgadget are the fastest growing international inbound marketing agency. Providing the best consulting in search marketing, we offer a a bespoke range of solutions to grow your business. We care about your revenue, delivered through best in class consulting.

Work with the best performance marketing team in the industry

We care about your sales. SEOgadget is a revenue led search marketing agency. Our team have the best search marketing skills, and they care about the return their activities generate our clients. That’s why we train them in what’s called “CRO” – conversion rate optimisation.

When we’re doing our SEO thing, we’re actively working to monitor and improve your sales, registrations, phone call volume, or whatever it is that makes your company tick. We call it performance driven marketing, and it works.

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