our-companyIt’s time to develop your career. Why would you join our team?

  1. We’ll help you become the marketer you’ve always wanted to become. We’ll give you immense new skills and train you well.
  2. We have great clients, a talented, friendly team, a great portfolio with nice offices in London and San Francisco.
  3. We’re a fast growing company – the opportunity for your growth (including international travel opportunities) are vast.
  4. There’s huge scope for you to learn creative, technical, analytical and research orientated marketing disciplines.
  5. If a job in SEO isn’t your thing – cool. We have roles in Front End Web Dev, PR, Video / Creative and Sales!

Interested? Download the Job Descriptions and take a look:

Head of Creative x 1  (UK) – DOWNLOAD
Senior SEO Consultant x 2 (UK) – DOWNLOAD
SEO Executive x 4 (UK) – DOWNLOAD
PR Executive x 1 (UK) – DOWNLOAD
Marketing Manager x 1 (UK) - DOWNLOAD
Insights & Performance Manager x 1 (UK) - DOWNLOAD
Junior to Exp Front End Developers – STACKOVERFLOW

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Tips before you apply

  1. Think carefully about what you’d like from your career, we support people with drive, ambition and motivation.
  2. We will want to hear why you want to work at SEOgadget, so, have a really good think about that before you apply for a role.
  3. Read “How to be a Better SEO” and think about how you might strive to achieve these goals for yourself.
  4. Be yourself, be fun, awesome, creative, hard working and talented – you only need to be the right person. Skills can be taught.

  1. Just fill out the submission form without thinking, or writing a good cover letter. A good cover letter is more important to us than your CV.
  2. Include typing / spelling errors in your application.
  3. Don’t apply if you don’t think you can bring something amazing to our team – we thrive on the richness and diversity of our skills, experience or qualifications.
  4. Don’t worry! If you’re the kind of person who’s not sure you should apply because you know you have a few skills you need to develop – that’s great self awareness and we want to hear from you.

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