Come and Learn Awesome Excel Skills for Link Building (and more) at LinkLove


Last month I visited the Distilled offices to chew the fat over my session at LinkLove – I love talking about Excel, and using API’s and all of that stuff so the session I pitched was (drum roll!): “How To Build Agile and Actionable Link Data Reports. With APIs.”

Will loved it, and now I’m just looking forward to getting up there to show you the goodies!

I don’t want to spoil it too much but expect a live (I love “show, not tell”) demonstration for marketers to learn how to harness the power of API’s through simple, every day tools like Excel. I’m also very excited about SEOmoz’s new Fresh Web Explorer and the data it provides – so, expect some tips on what to do with this awesome new power to enhance your data driven outreach skills!

As much as I hate watching myself, I do enjoy making a video with Will (it’s all about the *hilarious outtakes):

*May not be any outakes in actual video

Some of the skills you’ll enhance from this session:

- Outreach (Especially getting website contact details)
- Competitive research and link data mining
- Link quality auditing
- Using MajesticSEO and SEOmoz API data
- Combining data from Fresh Web Explorer with other API services
- A bit more of a “how to” from my How SEOgadget Builds Links session

Check out the session description here:

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Just need to use the code in the Distilled store, once you’ve added a ticket to LinkLove to your basket.

See you there!

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  1. Jason

    Those small pamphlets are awesome looking. Are there any articles that showcase these pamphlets. I am interested in knowing what the design looks like inside these small books. What was the inspiration for making?

  2. Stellan Herr

    Really sounds like an exciting session Richard – man I really hope I`ll once make it to LinkLove, SearchLove or MozCon in the near future…